LifeBridge Health Hospitalist Program

LifeBridge Health's hospitalists are the physicians who use their expertise to deliver comprehensive medical care to patients admitted to Sinai Hospital of Baltimore or Northwest Hospital in Baltimore County.

Group of doctorsHospitalists manage the health care of hospitalized patients and engage in clinical care, teaching, research and leadership in the field of general hospital medicine. Their work can include both clinical and administrative tasks surrounding patient care.

In addition to their responsibilities to hospitalized patients, hospitalists also work to improve the performance and efficiency of hospitals. This can include quality and process improvement recommendations in patient care and the safe transition of that care; efficient use of hospital resources; and enhanced collaboration and communication with all patient care providers.

Hospitalists spend most of their time caring for patients in the hospital setting, offering a 24-hour presence for the patient and managing their hospital care. For the referring physician, LifeBridge Health hospitalists offer a high standard of care for the patient and a high level of communication on that patient’s status.

Physician Benefits

  • Eliminate daytime, weekend and evening on-call responsibility for emergency admissions
  • Delegate hospital rounds and hospital medical records responsibility
  • Flexibility to consult, make social visits or telephone hospitalized patients and family members as appropriate for each case
  • Greater focus on outpatient and continuing education activities, preventive services and disease management
  • Enhanced productivity by elimination of travel to and from the hospital

Patient Benefits

  • Professional, 24-hour care by trained physician specialists experienced in inpatient care
  • Rapid diagnostic workups
  • Intense focus on patient education
  • Convenient and prompt access to physicians for medical crises and family conferences
  • Discharge instructions regarding medications, activity and when to schedule a follow-up visit with primary care physician

Group of doctors walking down hallwayServices for Physicians

LifeBridge Health provides dedicated phone lines to provide direct and immediate communication between hospitalists and physician offices. A 15-minute response time is guaranteed.

Northwest Hospital
  • Access Line: 410-521-5121
  • Fax Line: 410-496-7518
Sinai Hospital
  • Access Line: 410-601-0594
  • Fax Line: 410-601-0939

LifeBridge Health also hosts Physician Education Forums, where physicians and hospitalists can address physician concerns and discover how hospitalists can enhance physician practices.

Services for Patients

The hospitalists provide 24-hour care, seven days a week for patients admitted to either Sinai Hospital or Northwest Hospital, which includes admission of the patient, daily rounds, emergent problems and discharge summary, and consultation with the primary care provider during the patient's stay, as indicated. Specific services and coverage include:

  • Select time intervals: The above services are provided during designated time periods only, like weekends, vacations and single nights.
  • Select inpatients: Hospitalists provide care for individual inpatients who require specialized attention, such as those in critical care and intensive care. Many of these patients require multiple rounds each day. The same services as mentioned above are provided to only those patients selected by the physician. Care of the patient reverts to the physician upon discharge, or at any time at the physician's request.
  • Emergency Room Coverage: Hospitalists can provide coverage of Emergency Department obligations for call. Patients will be evaluated, orders written and admission notes dictated. The hospitalists will bill for the patient's admission. 
  • Consultative Services: Medical consultations are available on demand seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This includes elective pre-admission testing services and emergency pre-operative consultations. Should the patient have an identified primary care physician with either Sinai or Northwest privileges, they will be afforded the opportunity to perform this service.
  • Admission Services: Hospitalists will provide admission and medical coverage for patients referred to surgeons, podiatrists, dentists and medical sub-specialists when the patient does NOT have an identified primary physician from either Sinai or Northwest.
  • Specialized Procedures: Hospitalists are available to perform a wide range of clinical procedures on an emergent or elective basis. Examples are central line insertion, paracentesis and lumbar punctures.

How to Participate

If you would like to utilize the services of the Hospitalist Program for your patients at Sinai Hospital or Northwest Hospital, or would like more information on the program, contact Ajay Hooda, M.D., Medical Director of Hospitalist Services 410-601-0594.

Please call Amanda Alvarez, 410-871-7402 for additional information about the opportunities at Carroll Hospital.

Hospitalist Staff

Staffed by dedicated physicians, the Hospitalist Program operates under the following principles:

  • Patients will return to the care of the referring physician upon discharge.
  • Physicians will receive reports and notification upon a patient's admission, discharge and change of status.
  • Referring physicians have access to patient information relevant to their stay.
  • Hospitalists are available to patients and physicians 24 hours a day.

LifeBridge Health Hospitalists

Northwest Hospital
Medical Director

Ajay S. Hooda, M.D.

Medical Director, Sinai Hospital

Camille N. Upchurch, M.D.

Chief of Hospital Medicine, Northwest Hospital

Northwest Hospital
Radhika Pilla, M.D.
Qasim Raza, M.D.
Sinai Hospital
Samuel Black, M.D.
Rita Kapoor, M.D.
Eunji Kwon, M.D.
Gurman Minhas, M.D.
Yuan Qiao, M.D.
Kanwal Razzaq, M.D.
Rasha Shahin, M.D.
Mojgan Sohi, M.D.
Wael Sultan, M.D.
Aniqa Tehreem, M.D.
Ismael Tura, M.D.
Xueying Xu, P.A.-C