Cancer Care

Access to personalized care, experienced physicians and innovative cancer treatment

Personalized Care, Empathetic Experts

LifeBridge Health’s unique, team-based approach to cancer care prioritizes compassion in helping patients and their families navigate this life-changing diagnosis. We understand that cancer is so much more than a disease – that it presents new challenges and uncertainties which must be met with thoroughness, availability and above all, empathy.

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What Sets Us Apart

Three Centers of Excellence, One Team-Based Approach

LifeBridge Health offers cutting-edge, highly personalized cancer care at three convenient locations-secondary throughout the region:

  • The Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute at Sinai and Northwest Hospitals
  • William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center at Carroll Hospital
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Our Approach

Each of our individual providers is supported by their very own dedicated care team to ensure that your questions, concerns and needs are always addressed in a thorough and timely manner. Our cancer care lineup includes experts in a broad array of specialty areas, ensuring that each case will be met with the most personalized treatment plan possible.

These experts are fully equipped with the cutting-edge facilities and technologies they need to provide patients with a wide range of advanced cancer treatment methods. 

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Patient Services

Herman and Walter Samuelson Breast Care Centers

Providing screening, diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, our Herman and Walter Samuelson Breast Care Centers at Northwest Hospital and Quarry Lake are peaceful, comfortable environments for top-tier breast cancer care.

The Hematological Cancers Program

Available at Sinai and Northwest Hospitals, the Hematological Cancers Program offers diagnosis, treatment and follow-up from highly experienced experts in hematology and medical oncology.

Gynecological Cancers

Our expert gynecologic oncologists and their teams are highly experienced in providing specialized, full-spectrum care for a range of gynecological cancers including ovarian and uterine.

Oncology Nutrition

LifeBridge Health offers nutrition counseling for patients to help strengthen their immune system and promote recovery, particularly for those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Tevis Center for Wellness

The Tevis Center for Wellness is a resource for helping patients live healthier which includes a program for cancer survivorship. This program supports cancer survivors with a holistic approach focusing on healing, recovery and physical and emotional wellbeing.

Breast cancer support

At LifeBridge Health, we know that a breast cancer diagnosis can present patients with new, difficult mental and emotional challenges. This is why we provide our patients with programs and services related to breast cancer support and education.

Cancer support group


Cancer care doesn’t end when the disease is beaten. That’s why LifeBridge Health offers information, resources and support groups to help patients prevent recurrence, connect with other survivors, manage the cancer's emotional impact and more.

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