Graduate Medical Education at Sinai Hospital

LifeBridge Health offers graduate medical education to help develop the skills and expertise of future leaders in healthcare.

Every graduate medical education (GME) program teaches you how to be technically proficient. The GME programs at Sinai Hospital teach you something more: how to be a leader.


Sinai Hospital is a world-renowned medical institution for those who dare to care bravely. It started with our founding in 1866: a 10-room hospital built to answer the needs of Jewish patients and doctors that others turned away. Today, our GME programs carry on that spirit, building leaders who can answer the call of their communities with courage, innovation and inclusivity. Future leaders like you will transform our healthcare systems for the better.

The Sinai Difference

Sinai gives you the tools to be a healthcare leader by delivering a more forward-thinking approach to your graduate medical education.


Resident-Focused Learning
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Resident-Focused Learning

Get more hands-on learning, autonomy, and mentoring here than just about anywhere else.

Unmatched Diversity
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Unmatched Diversity

Care for a more diverse patient population – one that prepares you for any career path you want to follow.

A Nationally Leading Model of Care
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A Nationally Leading Model of Care

Learn how to be a voice for healthcare progress as you navigate our state's renowned population health-focused model.

A Better Work / Life Balance
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A Better Work / Life Balance

Get inspired in a workplace that puts your wellness first and a city that leads the east coast in cost-of-living value.

Fast Facts

  • Maryland’s largest community teaching hospital
  • 7 ACGME-accredited residency programs
  • 140+ residents
  • Nearly 400 medical students
  • 160+ full-time faculty members
  • 800 voluntary attending physicians

Medical Student Electives

LifeBridge Health offers electives for medical students in a variety of specialty and sub-specialty areas, helping to shape the physicians of the future.

Fellowship Programs

LifeBridge Health offers fellowships in three different subspecialty areas of care to help physicians develop their skills and expertise.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship

LifeBridge Health offers development opportunities for physicians in minimally invasive bariatric, gynecological and abdominal and pelvic procedures.

Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Fellowship

Sponsored by the Krieger Eye Institute and Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, the Ophthalmology Oculofacial Fellowship provides post-graduate education in the study, diagnosis and treatment of many oculoplastic and facial conditions, and allows fellows to gain extensive experience in all aspects of oculofacial surgery.

Orthopaedic Fellowship

LifeBridge Health’s renowned Rubin Institute of Advanced Orthopedics offers subspecialty fellowships in adult hip and knee reconstruction, limb lengthening and reconstruction and foot and ankle deformity correction and orthoplastics.

Working at Sinai

The atmosphere at Sinai Hospital is one of wellness, inclusion, compassion and dedication – an ideal environment in which to pursue our mission of improving the health of the individuals and communities we serve.

George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences Regional Medical Campus

A new George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences Regional Medical Campus located at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Applying and Interviewing

LifeBridge Health offers residency training programs in numerous different branches of medicine. Learn about the interview and application process today!

History of Sinai

A symbol of determination in the face of adversity, Sinai Hospital was founded as an answer to the rampant discrimination faced by the Jewish community at the time, emerging as a community hospital dedicated to caring for all patients regardless of age, gender, race or ethnicity.

Living in Baltimore

Baltimore is a bustling hub of culture, arts, food and history with a charmingly humble spirit and locals who wish to share their love for Charm City with all. Find out why so many residents make Baltimore their forever home.

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