Adolescent Medicine

Family-Centered Care

The Adolescent Medicine Program provides clinical care for adolescents with acute and chronic illnesses and other health care maintenance needs. Consultations are available by phone or appointment.


Adolescents with physical and/or emotional issues that may have been difficult for a primary care provider to diagnose are treated through our adolescent consultation service. Patients will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to their initial visit. The specialist will then review the patient’s medical history, meet with the patient and his or her parents together and individually and examine the patient. A report is forwarded to the patient's primary care physician.


Depending on the nature of the illness, your child may need only one consultation with the adolescent medicine specialist or may become a long-term patient. The patient is typically treated by the same physician, as this continuity of care contributes to more positive health care outcomes.


Patient sees a doctor for her adolescent medicine needs