Pediatric Anesthesiology at The Children’s Diagnostic Center

Putting comfort at the forefront of your child’s care

Tailored Pediatric Care

At The Children’s Diagnostic Center at the Herman & Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai, we know that care is not one-size-fits-all. Our child-specific approach acknowledges that no two children are the same, and puts patient safety and comfort at the forefront of the excellent care we deliver. Located on the third floor of the Blaustein building, The Children’s Diagnostic Center is where children can receive anesthesia for procedures such as bone marrow aspirations, MRIs, dental procedures and more.


Our pediatric anesthesiologists have expertise in caring for the unique needs of children and go out of their way to ensure that everybody is safe and as comfortable as possible going into the procedure.


Our unique approach puts our littlest patients at the center of their care, making things a little bit more fun during a scary and vulnerable time, while ensuring that parents and family understand what to expect with their child’s care.

Pediatric patient before her anesthesia

Our Care

Our anesthesia care is specifically tailored for families and children, with the goal of making the experience a little less scary:

We keep your child busy playing, while you fill out paperwork

We sing your child’s favorite songs and play their favorite games to help ease stress and anxiety

We provide age-appropriate toys to entertain and comfort your child

We use scented masks to make the going to sleep part more fun and less scary

We have ice cream and popsicles available after the procedure

We encourage parents to hold their child on their lap while receiving anesthesia, whenever it is medically appropriate.