Operate At A Higher Level

The general surgery residency program for students who want to become leaders

At Sinai Hospital, we know that the landscape of surgery is changing constantly. If you are to succeed, you need a level of surgical training that goes beyond the classic teaching models. You need the real-world experience and forward-thinking learning that only Sinai can give you.

The Sinai Difference

At Sinai, all surgery residents match to the specialty field of their choice, with most matching in their top fellowship choice. Several of our residents have even gone into practice as general surgeons straight from residency. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

100% Residency Focused

Open only to residents (no fellows), our program gives you higher case volumes and exposure to a wider variety of cases from the very beginning.

Value-Added Year

Get your professional edge with our paid value-added year.  Pursue research, a fellowship, or an MBA or MPH degree.  It’s custom-tailored to your career goals.

Diverse Patient Population

As a large, urban community hospital, Sinai offers unparalleled diversity in patient demographics, as well as a high percentage of penetrating trauma cases.

Graduated Responsibility

Our extensive network of advanced practice providers lets you focus on clinical training.  By your PGY-4 and 5 years, you will be the primary surgeon on complex cases.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Get invaluable experience with our Sim Lab’s all-new trauma simulation technology. You’ll also get to work as the console surgeon in our unique robotic surgery curriculum.

Research Collaborative

The Department of Surgery Research Collaborative gives you the opportunity to make your mark with published works and presentations.

Supportive Culture

With only 4 residents per incoming class, you’ll forge individualized relationships with attendings.  Our leadership team values resident feedback.

Proven Leadership

Our better learning environment starts at the top.  Our program director has a Master’s in Education, and our surgeons are named among Baltimore’s Top Doctors every year.

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See What Our Surgery Residents Say

The faculty goes above and beyond in ensuring that resident education is their top priority.

Zain Hashmi, M.D

Class of 2020

Program Structure

At Sinai, we train broad-based, highly qualified surgeons who can provide excellent care to patients with a wide range of surgical diseases. Our program exposes residents to all facets of modern-day surgery, cutting-edge technology and the unique value-added year of training so residents grow beyond the classic teaching models of surgical education.

ABSITE & Boards Prep

Access robust resources designed to help you excel in ABSITE and Boards prep.

Additional Certifications

Supplement your overall education with validated standardized courses.

Call Schedule

Review a high-level overview of how you’ll spend your time in our program.

Education Schedule

Explore educational activities available while rotating at Sinai Hospital.


Learn about opportunities and programs for evaluations, feedback and self-assessments.

Operative Experience

Gain excellent hands-on experience through substantial operative opportunities.

Research Collaborative

Overview of our educational activities while rotating at Sinai Hospital.


Go from novice to independent console surgeon with our unique robotic surgery curriculum.


Learn about core surgical rotations, as well as both internal and external off-service rotations.


Learn and practice important skills through extensive simulation opportunities and programs.

Value-Added Year

Sharpen your professional edge with our paid value-added year.

Global Surgery Rotation

Approved by the ACGME and ABS in 2023, our program will begin an elective rotation at Hospital Santo Tomas in Panama City, Panama in spring 2024! This is designed to be a PGY4 rotation.

Program DEI

Our program is guided by a belief in promoting equitable pathways to success for future surgeons from a wide range of backgrounds. Learn about the diversity demographics of our residents and faculty.

Our History

Sinai Hospital has a long tradition in surgical education dating back to the early 1900s, and has been academically affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine since 1957. Today, our students still benefit from our partnerships with rotations at Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland and more.

Program Faculty and Staff

Welcome from the Program Director

It is our pleasure to welcome your interest in our surgical training program and to provide a brief overview. First and foremost, our goal is to train broad-based, highly qualified surgeons who can provide excellent care to patients with a wide range of surgical diseases. To this end, we have designed a training program that emphasizes education over service and offers training in all major surgical subspecialties. A well-chosen blend of hospitals, rotations and faculty exposes our residents to all facets of modern-day surgery to facilitate realistic and well-informed career choices in both academic and non-academic settings.


Knowledge is the most powerful tool we possess as surgeons. The Sinai Surgery Residency strives to foster an environment of learning and research (basic and clinical), which enables our graduates to critically appraise surgical literature and keep abreast of surgical advances years after graduating from the program.


The landscape of surgery is changing constantly. Surgeons today must acquire knowledge and skills that reach beyond the classic teaching models of surgical education, and cover such topics as leadership, business and systems management, health care finance and politics.


To train surgeons to meet the demands and challenges of tomorrow, we have incorporated a unique value-added year of training into our residency design. During that year, the resident may choose to complete a one-year executive MBA program, an MPH program, a year of research or a trauma/critical care fellowship, thereby leaving our program with substantial added qualification. Other appropriate options for this year may be explored on an individual basis.


Below, you will find brief descriptions of the history of the program and our vision and mission. Please feel free to browse the remainder of the residency website for additional information.


I wish you the best of luck as you embark on your surgical career.