General Surgery Residency Value-Added Year

Value-Added Year

To address several important non-clinical and clinical issues in an ever-changing health care environment, the residents will be offered a one-year program of value-added post-graduate training, to be completed after the third clinical year. Residents will be informed about their choices during their first two years of residency*. A decision on the path of training will be expected one year prior to the start of the value-added year (end of PGY-2).

Care of the Critically Ill Patient/Trauma

The resident may pursue an in-residency, one-year critical care/trauma fellowship. This fellowship is designed to address the issues around the changing designation of "general surgeon" and the increasing community needs for high-level care of the critically ill, injured and emergency patients. The fellowship will enable the resident to sit for the certifying examination in surgical critical care after completion of all requirements.


The resident may pursue a one-year research fellowship with a mentor in the Department of Surgery, affiliated department at Sinai and/or department at one of its affiliated institutions to promote the deeper understanding of unity between excellence of care and scientific pursuit. Research at other institutions is also allowed, however the resident will be required to find independent funding.

Advanced Degrees

Residents have chosen to pursue advanced degrees such as an MBA or MPH during their value-added year. The intent is to better equip them for independent practice and bolster their knowledge of healthcare administration.


Opportunities may exist to explore advocacy work on Capitol Hill and/or design the year to fit the professional goals of the resident.

*Prior to making any choices regarding the value-added year, residents will be given:

  • comprehensive written information on each option for the value-added year
  • the opportunity to discuss with residents who have already undergone the value-added year their experiences and recommendations
  • the opportunity to visit the institution (for MBA, MPH, Critical Care Fellowship) and interview with key faculty
  • the opportunity to discuss the options with the program director, associate program director and their faculty mentor and/or faculty of their choice at Sinai Hospital before making a decision regarding which option is the best fit.