General Surgery Residency Research Collaborative

Research Collaborative

Residents and medical students are encouraged to participate in the ongoing surgical research projects taking place through the Department of Surgery Research Collaborative. This newly formed group meets monthly to discuss active research and devise new studies. The first academic year of the Research Collaborative was productive (2019-2020), yielding seven abstracts accepted for conference presentation, five manuscripts submitted for publication and four more in preparation.


Current research areas include:

  • Clinical outcomes research
  • Geriatric surgery
  • Surgical education


One of the most important aims of the Research Collaborative is to train residents and students in the fundamentals of biomedical statistics, project design and manuscript preparation. Learning these skills is a hands-on and active process and is always individualized to the student/trainee. There is no need for prior research experience to participate, and work is recognized with authorship.

For Medical Students:

Interested students are encouraged to take a formal research elective and should contact Carolyn Dallas. If it is not possible to take a formal elective but the student still wishes to participate in research with the team, they are encouraged to contact Stephanie Taylor in the Department of Surgery.


In addition to the Sinai residents, many of whom have contributed to projects in the last year, the following medical students contributed to abstracts and manuscripts as authors. They have agreed to serve as references for any interested students and can be contacted through the Department of Surgery

  • Blessing Aghedo, American University of Barbados
  • Anthony Cimmino, Trinity School of Medicine
  • Daniel Khashchuk, Trinity School of Medicine
  • Duncan McKinney, Trinity School of Medicine
  • Sagar Patel, Touro University School of Medicine
  • Lisa Walters, Trinity School of Medicine