Center for Breast Health

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At the Center for Breast Health, we’ve brought together a complete suite of advanced breast care services and specialists to help care for you or the women you love most.

The center is located on the hospital's campus in the Fisher Medical Building, 193 Stoner Avenue, Suite 220, Westminster. For more information call 410-871-7080

Advanced breast care specialists
Our dedicated breast care specialists — including board-certified surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and a breast reconstruction surgeon — deliver a collaborative, team-based approach to each patient’s care. Our team specializes in the treatment of:

  • Breast cancer
  • Benign breast conditions, including cysts and lumps
  • Breast pain, often due to hormonal, medication or lifestyle changes

Center for Breast Health Affiliated Board-Certified Breast Surgeons
Assists you through the early stages of treatment and performs surgery (if needed)

Award-winning radiology in partnership with Advanced Radiology
As one of the only centers in the state to be named a Breast Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology, we offer exceptional diagnostic services, including mammography, breast ultrasound, ultrasound-guided biopsy and stereotactic breast biopsy. To schedule a mammogram with Advanced Radiology, please call 888-972-9700.

Step-by-step care coordination
Our health navigators will offer you support, education and guidance through virtually every aspect of your care, from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and survivorship.

Nationally accredited cancer program
The William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center, located on campus, is accredited by the Commission on Cancer as an Integrated Network Cancer Program, placing our cancer services among the best in the nation.

The latest in breast reconstruction
Our highly specialized breast reconstruction surgeon offers patients the more advanced reconstruction options—including microsurgical reconstruction for the most natural look and feel.

The newest breast cancer advances
LOCalizerTM, provided in partnership with Advanced Radiology, is a wireless radiofrequency identification (RFID) system that enables precision for breast cancer surgery, providing flexibility for both patients and surgeons.

Hidden Scar Technique
For appropriate patients, Hidden Scar is a new surgical technique to hide the incisions from surgery so that women are not reminded of their breast cancer journey each time they undress.

Complementary health services
A wide range of therapies is available to complement and enhance your breast cancer treatment program, including specialized cancer and mastectomy massage, acupuncture, reflexology and reiki.

Support services for every aspect of your life
Breast health doesn't just affect your body. It affects your entire life. We offer a host of resources to support you in every way possible, including:

  • Breast cancer peer consultation
  • An on-campus boutique for wigs, mastectomy bras and more
  • Support groups and classes
  • A library on hundreds of health topics
  • The Red Devils, a non-profit organization that can provide help with everyday tasks
  • Navigating Breast Cancer: A Guide for Patients

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