Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Northwest Hospital

The Outpatient Rehabilitation Services department at Northwest Hospital

The outpatient rehabilitation services department at Northwest Hospital is dedicated to providing each patient with individualized, specialized care after an illness or surgery. Our goal is to help our patients regain the maximum level of self-sufficiency and return to their active lives as quickly as possible.

Our team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists provides compassionate care with an emphasis on reducing pain, promoting healing, and improving communication skills and functional abilities. Patients are educated about correct body posture, body mechanics, range of motion, strengthening exercises and other techniques to help them function at the highest possible level. We offer a full range of rehabilitation services for a wide variety of conditions.

Outpatient therapists focus on wellness and rehabilitation after illness, facilitated by specially designed programs to build strength and endurance. And skilled practitioners use up-to-date manual and mechanical therapies to restore function in patients.

The outpatient rehabilitation services staff adheres to Northwest Hospital’s philosophy of patient-centered care and is a part of the hospital’s Outpatient Center, which is continually praised for its compassion and high level of patient satisfaction.

Call 410-496-6975 to make an appointment.

Registration is easy and free parking is available adjacent to the hospital’s main entrance. Physician referrals are required for all rehabilitation services, and most insurance plans are accepted.