We've moved! The Center for Hope is now located at 5400 Preakness Way, Baltimore MD, 21215. Reach us at 410-601-HOPE.


Baltimore Child Abuse Center is here for children and families when they need us most. The programs outlined below highlight our efforts in intervention, responses to, and prevention of child sexual abuse, trauma, and other Adverse Childhood Experiences.

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  • Alleged victims of child sexual abuse meet one-on-one with a specially trained social worker to share in his or her own words what happened. A child is only interviewed once in BCAC’s child-centered, family-friendly environment in order to reduce victims’ re-traumatization.
  • BCAC’s staff responds to all reports of alleged child sexual abuse within 72 hours and is available to provide intervention services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • BCAC’s Forensic Services Program continues to grow in order to meet new challenges. Not only do we continue to respond effectively to the day-to-day caseload, we have also improved the way we handle walk-in and off-hour cases. As a result, we now begin the interview immediately, when a child is ready to disclose, rather than wait for a scheduled appointment.

  • BCAC’s family advocates work with children and their families to connect them with appropriate mental health treatment and other social services.
  • Our family advocates conduct off-site visits with clients to reduce stress and facilitate cooperation.
  • BCAC’s pediatrician provides a non-invasive medical exam to discover evidence of abuse, which also serves as a well-exam.
  • BCAC’s pediatrician specializes in pediatrics, child maltreatment, and preventive medicine and is a member of the faculty at The Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital.
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  • BCAC provides education to adults about how to recognize, respond to, and report abuse and offers numerous resources on how to educate children about their bodies, healthy boundaries, and safe and unsafe touches.
  • Through BCAC’s signature policy audit, professional development and risk management training program, BCAC identifies potential risk and provides recommendations to youth-serving organizations that will strengthen their child protection practices.
  • In 2015, BCAC’s mandated reporter training reached 342 youth-serving professionals. 782 police officers, social workers, and other youth-serving professionals were trained by BCAC’s Prevention Training & Education team. Over 1,800 camp counselors & staff members and 15 camp directors & social workers were trained to be facilitators of training programs at their camps.
  • Every staff member trained becomes a part of our network that works to protect children.

  • BCAC serves as a voice in the community for child victims of sexual abuse by advocating at local, state and national levels.
  • BCAC advocates for children by developing and promoting legislation that will create awareness of child sexual abuse as a community-wide issue, encourage better laws to protect children from maltreatment and abuse and hold community members to a higher standard around reporting abuse to authorities.
  • In 2015, BCAC staff and leadership met with lawmakers, government officials and other advocates to emphasize the importance of many issues that children face, which often prevent them from receiving help.
  • BCAC continues to lead efforts calling for better mandated reporting laws.