Neonatal Couplet Care

Carroll Hospital is the first hospital in the Mid-Atlantic and the second hospital in the nation to offer Neonatal Couplet Care Suites, a groundbreaking approach that allows moms to room with babies who are born prematurely or require specialized care, even after the mom is discharged.

Clinical Benefits

Developed by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, couplet care has shown that keeping mothers and newborns together promotes healthier results for the whole family:

  • Shorter hospital stays for babies
  • Increased breastfeeding success
  • Earlier attachment and skin-to-skin care
  • Improved confidence for the parents
  • Stronger bonding for the whole family

Comforting Suite Amenities

Our Neonatal Couplet Care Suites are designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible—for as long as your little one is admitted:

  • Private room with an in-suite bathroom and separate living area with a sleeper sofa for your support person
  • Warm, natural lighting and home-like décor
  • Built-in storage for your personal belongings
  • Cozy Kangaroo chairs that make it easy to hold your newborn, breastfeed and provide skin-to-skin care
  • Breast milk refrigerator
  • Family lounge and kitchen featuring refrigerator, microwave and dining area
  • Laundry facilities with washer and dryer
  • Two suites specially designed to accommodate twins
  • Dedicated nurses’ workstation outside your room for round-the-clock monitoring

Designed for Babies as Early as 32 Weeks

In addition to being born prematurely, there are many reasons why a baby may need to spend extra time at the hospital, including low birth weight, jaundice, respiratory difficulties or cardiac concerns. Our expert team of board-certified, in-house pediatricians and specially trained nurses will work with your family every step of the way to give your baby the best possible start.