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Pre and Post Natal Depression

Perinatal Depression Outreach Program

The Perinatal Depression Outreach Program (PDOP) is dedicated to helping women understand the emotions that accompany pregnancy and the postpartum period. Since many women experience some form of depression or anxiety during pregnancy or after giving birth, Sinai Hospital's PDOP helps women identify when their experience is more than the "baby blues" requiring further assessment and treatment.


We offer depression screening, clinical assessments, treatment referrals, education on the risk and symptoms of perinatal depression and anxiety, follow up by phone and group support.


Our Postpartum Support Group, Perinatal Depression & Anxiety Outreach Program (PDOP), meets virtually every Thursday, 1-3 p.m. You must call 410-601-7832 or email aradion@lifebridgehealth.org to register for the group. Please join us to talk about the challenges (and joys!) of welcoming a new baby, in this free weekly support group. Babies are welcome!