Sinai Department of Emergency Medicine (ER-7)

Sinai Hospital ER-7

Designed to set new and improved standards for emergency care and customer service, ER-7 at Sinai Hospital houses seven specialized emergency centers under one roof.

Sinai's ER-7 recieved the Lantern Award for 2011-13!2013 Mission LifeLines Bronze Award

Sinai ER-7 Care Centers

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Urgent Care Center [+/-]

Provides specialized urgent care for illnesses and injuries. Features include a unit for handling ear, eye, nose and throat emergencies; specially designed gynecological/obstetric examination rooms with a private adjoining restroom; and an orthopedics room for advanced pain management techniques for patients with broken bones or fractures.

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Chest Pain Evaluation Center [+/-]

Has an extensive monitoring system that includes an ambulance-to-hospital EKG transfer system, advanced cardiac stress tests, and an evaluation unit for individuals suffering chest pain without evidence of a heart attack.

Learn more about cardiac care.

Emergent Care Center [+/-]

Provides intensive care and individual monitoring for critically ill patients. Treatment rooms feature glass walls that face the nurses' area, thereby providing maximum observation while assuring patient privacy.

Learn more about emergent care.

Trauma Center [+/-]

Sinai Trauma CareStaffed by trauma professionals specially trained to provide life-saving treatment. This Level II-designated trauma center is fully equipped for rapid resuscitation (including onsite CT scanning) with separate entrances to receive patients who arrive via ground transportation or helicopter.

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Pediatric Center [+/-]

Provides a cheerful, friendly environment designed to make a child's emergency room experience as positive and comforting as possible. Features include a separate pediatric treatment area, full-time pediatric emergency physicians and nurses, and play areas.

Learn more about pediatric care.

Rapid Evaluation Unit (REU) [+/-]

Provides urgent care to patients suffering from minor ailments such as sprains, sore throats and small cuts. The advantage of the REU is that it allows patients with minor illnesses and injuries to receive the same attention and care as patients with more critical conditions.

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Observation Center [+/-]

Serves individuals whose medical conditions require extended evaluation and/or treatment. This unit allows patients to be monitored on an outpatient basis instead of being admitted to the hospital. Each glass-enclosed observation room features a television; a special, comfort-designed bed; and large windows that provide observation visibility while maintaining patient privacy.

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Superior Medical Features

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  • Trauma Center is one of only four Level II-designated trauma centers in Baltimore
  • Emergency-trained physicians on staff around the clock
  • Adult and pediatric specialists available 24 hours a day
  • Onsite, comprehensive imaging technology (including CT scanning)
  • Express triage to direct patients to appropriate care centers within moments of arrival

Additional Amenities

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  • Patient advocates who can address non-medical needs of patients and families
  • On-campus pagers for visitors to maintain alert status outside immediate emergency areas
  • Safe, convenient parking adjacent to the center

Directions to ER-7

From East and West [+/-]

From the East: Take Northern Parkway West, make a left on Greenspring Avenue. Make the first right into the ER-7 entrance.

From the West: Take Northern Parkway East. Make a right on Greenspring Avenue to first right into the ER-7 entrance.


Department Head

Roy, Neil K M.D.

Neil K Roy, M.D.

Department of Emergency Medicine, Sinai Hospital
2401 West Belvedere Avenue
Department of Emergency Medicine
Baltimore, MD 21215


Department of Emergency Medicine
Sinai Hospital
2401 W. Belvedere Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 410-601-5248