Resident Life

When the residents are not at work, they do get together and socialize. Not only will this foster friendships and camaraderie at work, this also allows for them to have an outlet to share their stories with each other.  Wellness and work-life balance is important to us, and we care deeply about how everyone is doing. Some of the activities we do together include: 
  • Monthly end-of-block social events - usually happy hour at a nearby restaurant during pre-Covid times, currently dessert day at the end of block in our residents room
  • Picnic at Patapsco State Park
  • Group painting class
  • Laser tag
  • Escape room
  • Happy hour sessions in small groups whenever
  • Birthday hangouts
  • Brewery exploration
  • Book club
  • Hiking
Some pictures of our activities together: 

Picnic Day
Picnic day with residents during pre-Covid days. 
Hanging out on a weekend
Resident hangout on a weekend. 
Cake for an attending
Farewell cake for one of our attendings.
Farewell to our ex-chiefs
Farewell to our ex-chiefs.
Sunset at Fed Hill
Sunset at Fed Hill is beautiful.
Patapsco State Park
Patapsco State Park is about 15-20 minutes away from Downtown Baltimore! 
Overview of Baltimore
Baltimore is home.
Ice Cream boxes
Ice cream day!
Resident Hangout
Resident hangout after a tough day.
Sim session for medical students
Sim session for med students.
MD AP last year
MD ACP last year when Sinai won Doctor's Dilemma. 
Sim session for residents
Another sim session for our residents.