Center for Diabetic Limb Preservation

Center for Limb Preservation & Wound Healing

Did you know that the most common cause of foot amputation in the United States is a diabetic foot sore? According to the American Diabetes Association, there are an estimated 79 million people in the U.S. with pre-diabetes, and research has shown that 25 percent of those with diabetes will go on to develop a foot sore. For almost 20 percent of these patients, the sores will become infected, leading to the possibility of amputation.

The Center for Diabetic Limb Preservation at Northwest Hospital, part of the Center for Wound Care, is working to decrease the likelihood of foot or leg amputation by screening those most likely to develop a foot sore and using a focused, multidisciplinary treatment approach. The center consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists dedicated to preventing leg and foot amputations caused by diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and chronic wounds.

If you have a history of diabetes, burning/tingling feet, foot wounds that do not heal, pain in the calf when walking or sleeping, dialysis, bone infections or toe amputations, you should be evaluated by our team of specialists. Our doctors will work with your primary care physician to coordinate the specialty care required to address the causes and treatment of your wounds.

Our Specialists

Co-Medical Directors
Noman A. Siddiqui, D.P.M.

Kristian A. Ulloa, M.D.

Alan S. Davis, M.D.

Nursing Manager/Coordinator
Michele Stiller