Graduate Medical Education at Sinai Hospital

We offer graduate medical education (GME) through residencies, medical school electives and fellowships at Sinai Hospital in a wide range of specialties, helping to develop the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Our Residency Programs

Pharmacy Residency

Our pharmacy residencies at three of the region’s finest hospitals – Carroll, Sinai and Northwest – help provide residents with the skills and experience they need to become the pharmacists of the future.

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Senior pharmacist teaching young student how to use the digital tablet to locate medicine standing in pharmacy

Fellowship Programs

LifeBridge Health offers fellowships in three different subspecialty areas of care to help physicians develop their skills and expertise.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship

LifeBridge Health offers development opportunities for physicians in minimally invasive bariatric, gynecological and abdominal and pelvic procedures.

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Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Fellowship

Sponsored by the Krieger Eye Institute and Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, the Ophthalmology Oculofacial Fellowship provides post-graduate education in the study, diagnosis and treatment of many oculoplastic and facial conditions, and allows fellows to gain extensive experience in all aspects of oculofacial surgery.

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Orthopaedic Fellowship

LifeBridge Health’s renowned Rubin Institute of Advanced Orthopedics offers subspecialty fellowships in adult hip and knee reconstruction, limb lengthening and reconstruction and foot and ankle deformity correction and orthoplastics.

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Student Programs

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Student Program at Sinai Rehab Center

Sinai Rehab Center’s student program helps educate the next generation of physiatry experts, providing experience in the complete spectrum of care.

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Nursing Student Programs

LifeBridge Health offers clinical nursing opportunities at teaching hospital Sinai, community hospital Northwest and long-term care facility Levindale. 

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Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics Programs

An array educational offerings are available at the renowned Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, including clinical and research fellowship as well as courses and programs in podiatry, limb deformity, physician shadowing and limb lengthening.

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Two doctors consulting about the best way to proceed

Aging Surgeons

Our Aging Surgeons Program provides unbiased multi-disciplinary assessments of physical and cognitive functions in older surgeons.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Across the LifeBridge Health network, you’ll find a wide variety of fulfilling and meaningful volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. From office assistants to patient visitors, our volunteers make crucial contributions to our patients and communities.

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Every spring, Carroll Hospital helps contribute to the future of health care by offering several scholarships for those looking to pursue careers in these fields.

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Job Shadowing at Carroll Hospital

Carroll Hospital’s Job Shadowing Days provide unique opportunities for students and prospective to learn about daily life at the hospital.

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Levindale Student Internship

At Levindale, internship opportunities are available in various aspects of rehabilitation and wound treatment, helping students gain invaluable experience in post-acute care.

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