Stroke Center at Sinai Hospital

The Stroke Unit is a collaborative effort among the Department of Neurology, Patient Care Services, and attending Sinai physicians. Complete inpatient and outpatient services are available, including home care.

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel leading to the brain becomes blocked or ruptured. Without a fresh blood supply, brain cells begin to suffocate and die. Fortunately, an early and appropriate response improves a patient's chances for a full recovery from what some people are now calling a "brain attack."

Increased Efficiency, Decreased Stay

To provide the best possible care and the best outcomes, Sinai has established a dedicated Stroke Unit. The objective of the Stroke Unit is to decrease complications from the disease while increasing the efficiency of necessary care. Stroke patients require special attention and testing, especially since the first hours after a stroke are so crucial. The unit's new streamlined system allows Sinai to give the right care, right away. Patients benefit from quicker treatment and a quicker discharge to a rehabilitation program, all at a lower cost.

Support Is Part Of Healing

At Sinai, we know how disruptive strokes and other neurological conditions can be. To help patients and families adjust to changes in their physical and cognitive abilities, the Rehabilitation Center at Sinai developed a Stroke and Neurology Support Group. Each meeting features a guest speaker who offers insights from his or her field of expertise. Topics range from the physiological aspects of a cerebrovascular accident to the emotional responses to neurological problems and tips for healthier living. Questions are always welcomed, and additional discussions are encouraged.

Not only do the meetings provide valuable information about care and recovery, but they also offer participants an opportunity to socialize with others with similar conditions. This, too, is part of the healing process offered through the stroke program at Sinai.

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