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The Weinman Family Department of Radiation Oncology at Sinai Hospital uses cutting-edge technology for procedures related to the treatment of benign and malignant diseases, including customized external beam irradiation with pinpoint precision for malignancies in pediatric and adult patients. 

 Sinai Hospital was the first in Maryland to use the Varian Edge, a radiosurgery system which allows for closely targeted, streamlined treatment of tumors. The Edge has advanced tools for imaging, motion management, tumor tracking and patient positioning, delivering non-invasive radiotherapy (high-dose, precise radiation) directly to tumors of the lung, prostate, spine, brain and other areas of the body. The system allows for stereotactic ablation of both inoperable and high-risk operable tumors.

The Edge’s motion management capability enables radiation delivery at various angles with adjustable patient positioning, as well as detection and response to even the slightest tumor movement during therapy. By pinpointing the tumor with sub-millimeter accuracy, the therapy reduces radiation to nearby healthy organs. With the Edge, a wider variety of patients can be treated and multiple sites can receive treatment in fewer sessions, which may result in fewer radiation dosages.

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Holmes, Leslie R. M.D.

Leslie R. Holmes, M.D.

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Crossley, Najeeb  M.D.

Najeeb Crossley, M.D.

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