Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I apply to your residency program?

Applicants must apply to our program via the ERAS online system. Our program number is: 1249320C0


2. When does your "Interview Season" begin and end?

Our interview season is from mid-October through the end of January.


3. How will I know whether I will be invited for an interview?

The Recruitment Committee reviews all applications submitted via the ERAS system. If you are chosen for an interview, you will receive a personal email from the Residency Administrator inviting you to schedule an interview. 


4. What are the minimum USMLE scores you require for application to your residency program?

We generally request a score of 200 or higher for Step 1 and 210 or higher for Step 2. Candidates with exceptional abilities in other areas may be considered even if their USMLE scores are slightly lower.


5. Does your program accept COMLEX scores, or only USMLE?

Yes, we do accept COMLEX scores from applicants who attended an osteopathic medical school. We generally request a score of 450 or higher on Parts 1 and 2. 


6. How many applicants will you interview this year?

We receive approximately 1500 applications per year, and we interview approximately 190 candidates.


7. How many residents are accepted into your program each year?

A typical intern class is composed of 8 categorical pediatric residents.


8. What kind of visa does your residency program accept from International Medical Graduates?

The program sponsors J-1 visas only.


9. Is U.S. clinical experience required for International Medical Graduates?

The program strongly prefers applicants who have 3-6 months of hands-on training in either the US, UK or Canada. A US observership is not considered hands-on experience.


10. Is there a cutoff date for year of graduation?

We consider applications from IMG candidates who have graduated from medical school within the past 5 years. We strongly prefer US medical school candidates who have graduated in the past 2 years.


11. If I am selected for an interview, what will my interview day be like?

Our interview day begins with a program introduction and presentation by program leadership. This will be followed by a virtual tour of the hospital. You will then have interviews with two pediatric faculty members and a 1-on-1 meeting with the program director. You will have the opportunity to experience a virtual case conference with our residents and faculty. The day will end with a wrap-up session with program leadership and Q&A.