Children's Hospital at Sinai Pediatric Residency Program - Conferences

Noon Conference

Noon conference is a core component of the didactic curriculum. Lectures are given by faculty as well as guest speakers from different disciplines. Core lectures (i.e., fluid and electrolytes, anemia, antibiotics, etc.) are covered on a yearly basis, and other topics are covered on a rotating one-and-a-half to two-year cycle. This daily conference provides a wonderful educational opportunity for residents in an active setting.

Discharge Conference

This popular weekly conference is attended by both faculty and house staff. Patients with interesting diagnoses or who have presented with diagnostic dilemmas are the focal points of this conference. Residents actively participate by presenting the selected cases along with a short discussion of the topic of interest. This conference stimulates exciting discussion among participants ranging from patient presentation and diagnosis to treatment/management. This conference is designed to facilitate and promote academic interaction between house staff and faculty and includes care from all inpatient, ICU and outpatient venues.

Ethics Conference

Monthly conference reviewing a case from our hospital (inpatient ward, PICU, NICU, ER, Outpatient) and the ethical dilemmas that arose during the care of the patient. The conference is led by residents and facilitated by the Chairman of the Sinai Ethics Committee.

Journal Club

Monthly interactive hour used to review and evaluate recent publications. Journal club is led by the senior outpatient resident and mediated by Dr. Ken Schoendorf.

Grand Rounds

The highlight of this weekly conference is the distinguished speakers from major academic centers who speak on contemporary issues in pediatrics.

Perinatal Conference

During the NICU and Full-term Nursery rotations, residents participate in this weekly collaborative conference with the Department of OB/GYN. The two services alternate weeks presenting cases and followup in order to correlate prenatal complications with postnatal outcomes. In addition to obstetricians and neonatologists, a geneticist is usually on hand to facilitate the discussion.