Krieger Eye Institute - Clinical Rotations/Education

The Krieger Eye Institute is proud to offer both a resident continuity clinic as well as VA rotations. The combination of these two opportunities gives residents excellent surgical volume in addition to incremental autonomy, which is important to learning how to practice independently with confidence and competence. Clinical Rotations

Residents spend approximately one half of their time in the SGES (Sinai General Eye Service) clinic and the other half of their time rotating in the subspecialty clinics and in surgery with the full-time attending physicians. Second and third year residents have a four month rotation at the Martinsburg, WV Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The VA is located an hour west of Baltimore, and residents can choose to commute back and forth, or stay in an apartment on the VA campus. Mileage for travel to and from the VA is reimbursed at a rate of $0.545 per mile, or approximately $36 each way.

First year residents (PGY-II) will spend time with the neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, cornea, and oculoplastics attendings in outpatient clinics. Additionally, first year residents will complete an oculoplastic surgery rotation.

Second year residents (PGY-III) spend a rotation with glaucoma, retina, neuro-ophthalmology and pediatric ophthalmology attendings in the outpatient clinics and in the operating room.

Third year residents will assist and perform surgery with vitreo-retinal, cornea, and cataract attendings.

Residents will also receive a broad didactic education, which takes place in the classroom, with hands-on surgical training and research experience. We utilize an on site EyeSi surgical simulator, animal eyes, and Kitaro wet/dry lab for surgical simulation.

Residents are required to participate in a Quality Improvement under supervision of a faculty mentor. Third year residents present their projects at the annual Krieger Symposium, and all residents gain experience with presenting case presentations at the Krieger Symposium.