Outpatient Infusion Center

Outpatient Infusion Center

The Infusion and Cancer Therapy Center at Northwest Hospital offers patients a welcoming, comfortable environment in which to receive chemotherapy and other medical treatments. Our 12-chair center accommodates patients with blood diseases, cancer, autoimmune and neurological disorders, renal disease and more.

We offer our patients a soothing space with ambient light, an open architecture and warm colors where they can rest comfortably in reclining chairs during their treatment. Each patient has his or her own private treatment area with space for family members to stay. Additional amenities, like cable television, DVD players and Internet access, help patients to relax and pass the time pleasantly.

Nurse with a patient in the Northwest Hospital Outpatient Infusion Center

Our services include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Immunotherapy (biological therapy)
  • Iron therapy
  • Injections
  • Blood transfusions
  • Osteoporosis medications
  • Remicade
  • High-dose Solu-medrol
  • Hydration, potassium and magnesium infusions
  • Portacath flushing and lab draws

For more information, call 410-601-WELL (9355).