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What is Population Health?
Population Health aims to improve the health of the population while recognizing that health outcomes are heavily dependent on multiple determinants of health, including medical care, public health, genetics, behaviors, social factors and environmental factors.

Our Mission
LifeBridge Health’s core mission is to improve the health of our communities while reducing our cost of best-in-class care delivery by ensuring that patients are provided the right level of services based on acuity; improving access to preventive care, including primary and chronic care management; and enhancing community programs and social services connections that will cultivate and support better health and wellness in our neighborhoods.

Our Approach
LifeBridge Health incorporates a three-prong approach to improve the health of our communities: Right Care at the Right Time; Preventive and Chronic Care Management; and Community Outreach.

Our Programs

LifeBridge Health offers a variety of community initiatives and programs to men, women and their families. M. Peter Moser Community Initiatives funds non-medical programs designed to improve the social well-being of our communities. Click here to learn more about our programs