Population Health Programs

Community Initiatives

LifeBridge Health offers a variety of community initiatives and programs to men, women and their families. M. Peter Moser Community Initiatives funds non-medical programs designed to improve the social well-being of our communities. Learn more about each one below:

Kujichagulia Center (Youth Center)

The Kujichagulia Center (self-determination in Swahili) provides youth development and violence prevention services to residents of 21215 who are between 19 and 24-years of age. We also provide Mentoring for Middle Schools students at Pimlico and KIPP Elementary-Middle schools and a YouthWorks Summer jobs program for 14 to 21-year olds in 21215. In addition, violence intervention services are available to local youth 16 to 25 years old, who are admitted to Sinai’s Trauma Unit after suffering injuries due to street violence. We provide case management services that can help the young person escape the cycle of violence and engage in needed educational or vocational programming.




Perinatal Depression Outreach Program

The Perinatal Depression Outreach Program (PDOP) is dedicated to helping women understand the emotions that accompany pregnancy and the postpartum period. Since many women experience some form of depression or anxiety during pregnancy or after giving birth, Sinai Hospital's PDOP helps women identify when their experience is more than the "baby blues" requiring further assessment and treatment.

We offer depression screening, clinical assessments, treatment referrals, education on the risk and symptoms of perinatal depression and anxiety, follow up by phone and group support.

Our Postpartum Support Group meets every Wednesday, 1:30-3 p.m., in the Lactation Resource Center at Sinai Hospital. Drop ins are welcome! Please join us to talk about the challenges (and joys!) of welcoming a new baby, in this free weekly support group. Babies are welcome!

Community Outreach

We are committed to ensuring that our neighbors have access to the full range of opportunities that advance health and wellness.   For over twenty years, LifeBridge health has provided numerous outreach services aimed at creating safer and healthier neighborhoods.  The Domestic Violence (DOVE) Program at NorthwestHospital, the Family Violence Prevention Program in the M. Peter Moser Community Initiatives at Sinai Hospital, and other community outreach programs aimed at creating positive youth role models, safe streets, and opportunities for education and job training have always been at the core of our mission and now represent the foundation upon which we have built our robust population health management strategy. 

The Diabetes Medical Home Extender Program

The Diabetes Medical Home Extender Program is a LifeBridge Health M. Peter Moser Community Initiative pilot project designed to educate and empower high risk diabetics whose poor health status is influenced by the poverty. Internal medicine physicians coordinate primary care and supportive services in collaboration with a community nurse and a social worker to help these patients better manage their conditions.  Through outreach and by developing supportive relationships, community health workers provide education and guidance in health topics and offer specific tips for healthy behaviors. This educational focus is supported by referrals to other resources that can provide a critical link between the health care and human services systems and the project participants, their families and communities.


HIV Support Services

The M. Peter Moser Community Initiatives HIV Support Services at Sinai Hospital provides support and advocacy for HIV-positive individuals and their families. Since 1989, this program has coordinated social support services with medical care at Sinai Hospital and Sinai Community Care.

Our goal is to help individuals adjust to an HIV diagnosis and to provide the support and resources necessary to improve and maintain their health and well-being.

Services include:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Ongoing support services focusing on identified needs
  • Referrals to community HIV services and other social support programs
  • Care coordination with medical providers
  • Ongoing supportive counseling to facilitate living with HIV infection
  • In-home outreach services
  • Assistance with transportation and emergencies, as available
  • A support group for HIV-positive women
  • Woman-to-woman educational events for those infected with and affected by HIV
  • Prenatal care education for HIV-positive women of child-bearing age

Did you know?

  • The CDC estimates that by the end of 2012 there were 1.2 million people living with an HIV diagnosis in the United States. Of those people, about one in eight did not know they were infected.
  • As of 2012, there were more than 31,000 people living with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis in Maryland. Experts estimate there are at least 4,000 additional cases of undiagnosed individuals.
  • The number one risk factor for transmitting HIV is sexual contact.
  • A mother can pass HIV to her infant during pregnancy.
  • Medications are available that can greatly reduce the risk of an HIV-positive mother infecting her infant.

Right Care at the Right Time 

LifeBridge Health is focused on ensuring that all of our patients receive the right care at the right time.  We are able to do this by providing a uniquely comprehensive system that increases health care access points and promotes the continuity of care.  Not only do we provide health care to our communities through our acute hospitals and an extensive physician network with nearly 200 primary care providers, most of whom provide care in community settings, but we also provide a full spectrum of care through our subacute unit, our chronic hospital, our nursing home, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and two retail pharmacies.  Additionally, our partnerships offer urgent care, home health care, outpatient physical and occupational therapy centers, durable medical equipment, and medical transportation.  LifeBridgeHealth & Fitness center offers medically-based wellness systems and equipment, nutrition counseling and innovative preventive care programs.   In addition, LifeBridge Health has created partnerships with community organizations in order to provide improved linkages to support services.  One example of this type of partnership is the AccessHealth program in our emergency department which provides coordinated social support connections to our most needy patients.

Our position as an integrated health care system fosters greater communication and collaboration between treatment and wellness teams. We are focused on incorporating multi-disciplinary clinical teams to ensure all aspects of the patient’s health, wellness and experience

are considered. Finally, by placing a complementary emphasis on technology, we are able to provide highly individualized patient care – in our hospitals and out in our communities. 


Preventive and Chronic Care Management

LifeBridge Health is committed to helping patients from all walks of life make strides in achieving and sustaining lasting wellness, and in managing chronic conditions. We have robust outreach programs in diabetes management, heart disease and high-risk pregnancies; we also have an HIV management center and a rapid HIV testing program in our emergency department.  LifeBridge Health is developing chronic care centers staffed with teams of NPs, RNs, dieticians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists and care coordinators to address chronic conditions prevalent in our communities.  These clinics include Diabetes, Chronic Heart Failure and Pulmonary Disease and incorporate behavioral health, social services and care navigators as key members of our chronic care teams in order to empower patients to achieve their health goals.


Pastoral Care

The Community Pastoral Care Program involves outreach to ministries of local synagogues and churches, making sure the health needs of their congregation are being met.


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