Foot Orthotic Program

Injuries and conditions affecting one or both of your feet may lead to a variety of chronic problems with your ankles, knees, hips or even your back and neck. Because these aches and pains begin with your feet, frequently the solution begins with your feet as well. That’s where shoes inserts called orthotics come in.


Our custom-printed orthotics are medical devices that correct abnormal or irregular walking patterns. Orthotics can improve the overall biomechanical function of the foot and lower extremities, thereby providing pain relief and support where it is needed most.

Creating Your Orthotic


Advanced Orthopedic Therapy at Sinai Rehab Center offers revolutionary foot pressure scanning technology, which captures the exact contour of your feet to ensure the best-fitting orthotics possible. Our custom-printed orthotics take into account the shape of your foot as well as its different pressure zones, resulting in an orthotic that helps guide your gait in the right direction. Our orthotics can be used for every type of activity and for any type of shoe and are made from high-grade, ultra-light polyamide. These custom devices are durable, low-maintenance and typically last longer than traditional insoles.

From Scan to Sole

Step 1

A physical therapist will review your medical history and activities. He or she will then perform a biomechanical and functional exam, as well as do a foot pressure scan.

Step 2

Based on the results of the scan and exams, a digital design will be created to meet your specific needs. A 3D printer will then use this to produce an ultra-light, custom orthotic. Our orthotics are printed at a special facility and will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive.

Step 3

Your physical therapist will examine you with your new insoles to ensure that you are getting the support and balance you need with every step.