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The Kara Amey Cancer Survivorship Program

The Kara Amey Cancer Survivorship Program

Cancer care doesn’t end when the disease is beaten. The Next Step program helps provide survivors of pediatric cancer with a lifetime of hope and healing through specialized clinical care and education.

Supporting All Aspects of Survivorship

Our approach to cancer survivorship is comprehensive, accounting for the physical, emotional and psychosocial needs of survivors through an interdisciplinary team of experts. This team of passionate, supportive experts includes:

  • Pediatric oncologists
  • Primary care providers
  • Nurse practitioner/nurse navigator
  • Social worker
  • Art therapist
  • Integrative nutritionist
  • Specialty care physicians such as endocrinologists, cardiologists and neuropsychologists

Lifelong Connections in Care

This integrated approach to cancer survivorship helps to foster health and wellness among cancer survivors throughout their lives — because no one ages out of The Next Step. Through The Next Program’s shared care model, survivors can maintain their bond with the pediatric doctors who treated them while benefiting from the integrated expertise of primary care physicians and survivorship specialists.

Clinical Research

We conduct clinical research directly related to the long-term side effects of cancer or its treatment with the goal of improving survival rates and quality of care for cancer patients. Patients in the clinic have an opportunity to participate in studies that focus on issues faced by childhood cancer survivors. We aim to collaborate with fellow clinical and survivorship centers.