Outpatient Pharmacy Services

Consumer Drug Take-Back Program

In an effort to Combat Opioid Epidemic, LifeBridge Outpatient Pharmacies (LBH) now provides DEA-compliant prescription drug take-back receptacles to allow patients and visitors to securely and safely dispose of surplus/outdated/expired medications. Both Retail Outpatient Pharmacies located at Sinai Hospital and Northwest Hospital Center are registered with the DEA to be a National prescription drug take-back location.

Acceptable Products:

  • Unused or expired over-the-counter medication

  • Pet medications

  • Unused or expired prescription medication (including Schedule II – V controlled substance)

  • Hazardous medications

Products NOT accepted for disposal:

  • Schedule 1 controlled substances

  • Thermometers

  • Aerosol Cans

  • Inhalers

  • Needles

  • Lotions/Liquids

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Location of Receptacles:

The receptacle is green in color and is located inside the pharmacy waiting area.  Pharmacy staff will not accept drugs directly from the patients. Patients will be asked to place their expired and surplus medications directly into the bin.

Specialty Pharmacy Services

Specialty medications are prescription medications that are used to treat complex, chronic conditions like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, and often relate to specialties such as gastroenterology, neurology and pediatrics. Specialty medications often require special handling, administration and monitoring. It’s also likely that you will need special approval from your insurance to receive these medications. To simplify the process, LifeBridge Health employees who participate in the health care plan are required to use our Outpatient Pharmacies for their specialty medications.

Specialty Medications are therapies that have the following:

  • Require weight-based dosing (e.g. pediatrics, oncology medications) or compounding

  • Have significant side effect or risk profiles

  • Challenges to manufacture or require special handling

  • Involve complex insurance reimbursement

  • Require disease management services or patient monitoring

We offer services that include:

  • Coordination of benefit coverage

  • Medication counseling on adverse effects and monitoring

  • Refill reminder calls

  • Labs and appointment follow-ups

  • Arrange for medication delivery

  • Medication history review

  • Convenient access to specialty pharmacists

$4 and $10 Generic Pricing Program

The Outpatient Pharmacies at Sinai Hospital and Northwest Hospital offer a $4 and $10 generic Pricing Program. See the information below:

Convenience is key

Outpatient Pharmacy Generic Price List provides the above listed medications at the prices indicated based on usual quantities for a 30 day supply. The dose required for your medications may differ from above. Your price will be calculated using the prices above and will be prorated. Not all medications are available at this reduced pricing.

Program pricing may be limited to select manufacturers of a covered drug and is available as long as supplies from such manufacturers are in stock at the dispensing pharmacy.

These Program Details are subject to change without advance notice. Changes to these Program Details may be made only in writing.

For a complete list of $4 and $10 generic medication click here.

ScriptCenter Kiosk

LifeBridge Health’s Outpatient Pharmacies at Sinai and Northwest offer safe, easy and convenient prescription pickup! You don’t need to wait in line at the pharmacy any more to pick up your prescriptions. The ScriptCenter self-service kiosk at Sinai and Northwest Hospitals allow you to pick up your prescriptions 24/7.

Enroll Now
1. ENROLL – speak to a pharmacy team member
2. ORDER – order your prescriptions
3. RECEIVE – get a claim check via text or email
4. PICK-UP – use claim check and patient’s birth date and pay at kiosk (credit card/FSA only)

Frequently asked questions

Mail Order Program

LifeBridge Health’s Outpatient Pharmacies at Sinai and Northwest offer free mail-order service - a fast and convenient way to get your medications delivered to you.

How it works: Order up to a 3-month supply of your maintenance medications or medications you take regularly. The Outpatient Pharmacy will fill your order and send it to the address you provide. Your medication will arrive within five days.

To sign-up: fill out the form for your preferred location and mail or fax it to our team. Once you have signed up, you can refill your prescriptions as normal.

Frequently asked questions

Prescription Release Records

You have the right to obtain a copy of your prescription records and to request that your records be provided to an alternate individual. In order to protect your privacy, we must have your written permission before releasing the records

To request a copy of your prescription records: use this form.

Complete the form and include your contact information.

  • Please check other indicate “prescription records”

  • List time frames for the prescription records that you are requesting

  • Please note that the above information must be completed to fulfill a request

  • Sign and date the form

Please return the completed form via mail, fax, or in person to the Outpatient pharmacy. Please allow one week for processing.

For questions or concerns about the request please contact the Pharmacy at Sinai at 410-601-7100 or Pharmacy at Northwest at 410-657-5086.

Mail or fax the form to:

The LifeBridge Pharmacy at Sinai Hospital
Attn: Retail Pharmacy
2401 West Belvedere Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215
Fax: 410-601-7131


The LifeBridge Pharmacy at Northwest Hospital
Attn: Retail Pharmacy
5401 Old Court Road
Randallstown, MD 21133
Fax: 410-701-4422