Levindale Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Levindale provides cardiac rehabilitation services to patients who have suffered a heart attack, are dealing with heart failure, or are recovering from procedures such as heart valve surgery, coronary artery bypass grafting or percutaneous coronary intervention. Patients are educated on how to adopt heart-healthy lifestyle changes that reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Therapists and the interdisciplinary team work closely together to provide programs that address:

  • Cardiovascular exercises

  • Muscle strengthening

  • Heart rhythm monitoring (telemetry)

  • Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring

  • Blood glucose monitoring

Left Ventricular Assist Device Program

The rehabilitation team at the Specialty Hospital at Levindale is highly trained to help patients who have a left ventricular assist device (LVAD), a mechanical heart that is surgically attached to a patient’s own heart. Our care team works in close collaboration with the implantation center to ensure safe and optimal care. Our goal is to mobilize the patient as soon as possible to avoid further medical complications and provide education to ensure the best quality of life possible.