Northwest Hospital Expands Care for Behavioral Health Needs


Northwest Hospital has responded to the increasing need for mental health services in our community by opening a new behavioral health unit.

A new 12-bed unit opened in October to treat adult patients 18 and older experiencing a mental health crisis.

More than 7 percent of patients who come to Northwest’s emergency room are there for behavioral health care, and the demand for inpatient treatment is growing. During the last fiscal year, 1,182 patients were admitted for a mental health crisis. “The newly renovated and expanded unit allows us to better meet the mental health needs of our patients and community in a state-of-the-art space,” says Northwest Hospital President Craig Carmichael.

The new 6,500-square-foot secure unit is designed with features to provide optimum patient care and safety. The unit includes a group room equipped with noise- and sound-controlled spaces, shatterproof glass and a nurses’ station that allows 180-degree visuals of the unit, with real-time tracking technology to observe where nurses are located at all times.

This new unit expands the hospital’s behavioral health program to three units in total and increases total capacity of inpatient beds from 37 to 49. In addition, the
emergency department has two specially equipped behavioral health pods (12 patient rooms) to care for and treat patients.

This program expansion is one example of how LifeBridge Health is meeting the needs of this growing patient population and how we care bravely for our community.

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