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As some of the most vulnerable members of society, children often lack the ability or means to advocate for themselves. Unable to communicate or at times even recognize their own abuse, far too many children suffer silently every day. The National Children's Alliance reports that approximately 700,000 children are abused each year in the United States. Here in Maryland, LifeBridge Health's, Center for Hope is committed to supporting victims of child abuse and other forms of violence in our community. 

Focusing on treatment, education and prevention, Center for Hope is dedicated to advancing hope, healing and resilience for those affected by trauma, abuse and violence. In 2021, Center for Hope supported over 5,000 clients - 1,622 of whom were children. At Center for Hope, both children and adults who have suffered various forms of abuse are given the opportunity to heal and escape the cycle of violence. 

Because the impact of abuse and violence resonates across many facets of life, Center for Hope uses a comprehensive approach to ensure that victims of abuse are supported in all aspects. To this end, Center for Hope provides a range of services including conflict mediation, forensic interviews, medical exams, case management and advocacy sessions, counseling sessions and more. The Center for Hope also has multiple programs to address community violence, including its PAAVE (Pathways to Advocacy Against Violence Every Day) and the Safe Streets initiative in the Belvedere community. Additionally, the Center offers several integrated programs for victims of abuse from various populations, including its Baltimore Child Abuse Center, Elder Justice Program and the DOVE Program for victims of domestic and intimate partner violence. Center for Hope is the only child advocacy center in Maryland equipped with a coordinated anti-trafficking and exploitation program that responds to missing youth, child sexual abuse materials and human trafficking through prevention, education and intervention. 

Next month, Center for Hope will open its new headquarters adjacent to Sinai Hospital. This building will act as a community outlet for all violence prevention and support services provided by Center for Hope. 

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Center for Hope relies on the generosity of community partners like you to provide children in crisis with the tools they need and deserve to begin on a successful path to recovery from abuse and trauma. To donate, click here.