RETURN! Admission Criteria and Referral Process

Referrals to the RETURN! Program can come from physicians, other healthcare professionals, community agencies, family members, friends and survivors. Once the referral is made, our intake social worker or program coordinator will assess if the program would be beneficial for the person referred, verify funding source, obtain necessary documentation, clarify mode of transportation and propose a start date, if appropriate. For the initial visit, it is requested that family members accompany the client for a program orientation with the program coordinator.

Admission criteria for the RETURN! Brain Injury Community Re-entry Program:

  • Diagnosis of brain injury (traumatic brain injury, stroke, aneurysm clipping, or other acquired brain injury)
  • Medical stability and physician's referral
  • Reliable two-way communication
  • Ability to tolerate and benefit from a group setting
  • Motivation to improve and/or have work, school, community re-entry goals
  • Ability to modify behavior with repetition and cueing
  • Ability to complete basic activities of daily living (ADL’s) with minimal assistance
  • Continence during the daytime
  • Viable funding
  • Reliable transportation (family, MTA mobility, medical assistance transportation, other)

Sinai has limited van service within short distances of the hospital. For van service areas and availability, please contact us

If you have questions regarding participation in the RETURN! Brain Injury Community Reentry Program at Sinai Rehabilitation Center, please feel free to contact our intake social worker, Evan Jang, at 410-601-6080 or our program coordinator, Matt Lilly, at 410-601-9805.