VSP - Youth Services

Youth services are provided to in-school and out-of-school Baltimore area youth ages 17 to 24. High school students receive career exploration and planning guidance, paid internships, and support as they transition from school to post-secondary education or employment settings. Older youth with interest in healthcare employment receive job readiness training and LifeBridge Health-based paid internship experience often leading to employment or further education.

In-School Youth Services

Offered to Baltimore-area high school students with disabilities based on grade level, PreETS includes career exploration, interest and learning style testing, self-advocacy training, and job search skills analysis. Students learn self-advocacy skills, disability awareness, and strategies for identifying and communicating accommodation needs. As a result, students can determine a career direction with short- and long-term vocational objectives and are prepared and supported to enter paid internships such as work-based learning or the Win through Work program.

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Virtual Services

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Out-of-School Services

Healthcare Careers Alliance Program

VSP’s Healthcare Careers Alliance (HCA) is a Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment Development-funded program that provides workforce development services to low-income, out-of-school youth ages 18 to 24 who reside in Baltimore City, possess a GED or high school diploma, and have interest in entering the healthcare field. HCA is a funded collaboration between Sinai Hospital/VSP and Civic Works, Inc. Services include: career assessment, job readiness, life skills training, paid internship and work training, transitioning into permanent employment at LifeBridge Health or other local healthcare institutions, and entrance into post-secondary training. Youth are supported for 12 months post-placement to ensure job retention and promote career ladder advancement.

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