When you need surgery, choose the skilled surgical team at Carroll Hospital. For decades, countless physicians and their families have turned to us for the latest minimally invasive treatment options and a uniquely compassionate, educational, you-centered approach to care that ranks among the best in the nation (2017 Patient Satisfaction Scores).

Pre-Operative Patient Education Video
Our Pre-Operative Patient Education Video is designed to ensure you are fully informed and involved in your surgical care from the start. The video will ensure you know what to do before surgery, what to expect on the day of your surgery, and how to care for yourself after surgery to promote your healing and optimal health. Learn more.

More Minimally Invasive Treatment Options
Using the latest advances in minimally invasive surgery, we’re able to perform a broad range of surgeries through the smallest incisions possible. That means less pain, less scarring, shorter operating times and a faster recovery for you. Explore our minimally invasive treatment options.

State-of-The-Art Care
Carroll Hospital’s state-of-the-art operating rooms and treatment technologies are among the most advanced in the region. Our fellowship-trained physician team represents nearly every surgical specialty:

Every Carroll Hospital surgeon is backed by a team of surgical nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists who are expertly trained to take you from pre-op to post-op with maximum comfort and compassion.

A Better Bedside Manner

At Carroll Hospital, we believe that surgery is about more than “fixing” you. It’s about making you feel better, inside and out. Our educational and family-focused approach to care means you’ll not only recover faster. You’ll feel safer, more confident—and more cared for—every step of the way. It’s why we rank among the best in the nation in the latest patient satisfaction scores. See all our quality awards.

Getting Started
If you need surgery, talk to your doctor about your treatment options at Carroll Hospital. Or, for a surgical referral, call 410-871-7000 or search our online directory.