Nutrition Counseling

Medical Nutrition Therapy and Counseling Services

Located in the Tevis Center for Wellness, Carroll Hospital's Outpatient Nutrition Services team of registered, licensed and specialty dietitians offer evidenced-based, clinically-focused nutrition therapy and counseling for people of all ages and with a wide range of conditions.


How to Obtain Outpatient Nutrition Counseling Services

  1. A referral is required from your health care provider (e.g., M.D., D.O., P.A.-C., or C.R.N.P.) for our services. Download a PDF of the referral form
  2. Fax the referral form to our scheduling department at 410-840-4016. 
  3. Once the referral is received, we will contact you for an appointment. You may also call our scheduling department at 410-871-7678, option #4. 

We aim to help individuals throughout the life cycle:

  • Understand how diet can impact medical conditions and illnesses 
  • Create a nutrition plan using evidenced-based guidelines 
  • Plan delicious meals that are balanced, nutritious and economical  
  • Learn to read food labels and ingredient lists
  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with food and eating
  • Develop attainable nutrition goals
  • Consider integrative health therapies for stress management
  • Develop a regular physical activity program

Who We Serve

We offer services to individuals of all ages, from infants to adults, with various nutritional needs.  Medical nutritional therapy and nutrition counseling addresses a variety of illnesses, conditions and concerns, including:

  • Abnormal weight change (gain or loss)
  • Anorexia or cachexia
  • Behavioral or mental health nutrition issues (anxiety and depression)
  • Chronic illness (cancer, heart disease, hypertension and kidney disease)
  • Digestive and gastrointestinal conditions including liver disease
  • Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties)
  • Eating disorders
  • Food allergies 
  • General nutrition and healthy eating
  • High cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, high triglycerides
  • Malabsorption or malnutrition
  • Nutrition support: enteral (tube feeding) and parenteral (intravenous)
  • Obesity and overweight status
  • Pediatric nutrition (in pre-term infants, infants and children)
    • Appropriate nutrition for age
    • Breastfed infants
    • Coordination with the Carroll County Infants and Toddlers Feeding Team
    • Failure to thrive
    • Feeding difficulties
    • Prematurity
    • Tube feeding management
    • Weight management
  • Pregnancy
  • Sports nutrition
  • Vegetarians and vegans

Outpatient Nutrition Services are located in The Tevis Center for Wellness. Fees for nutrition counseling may include copays and deductibles based upon individual insurance plans. Medicare currently only covers Medical Nutrition Therapy for those diagnosed with diabetes or kidney disease. Contact your insurance provider prior to your nutrition visit to determine your financial responsibility.