Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
Our communities expect and deserve superior medical treatment, compassionate care, and expert guidance in maintaining their health and well-being. At Carroll Hospital, we offer an uncompromising commitment to the highest quality health care experience for people in all stages of life. We are the heart of health care in our communities.

Our Vision
Carroll Hospital is a portal of health and wellness. We take responsibility for improving the health of our populations through care management and delivering high quality, low cost services in the most appropriate settings. We engage our community at all points of care and promise to provide a seamless health care experience.

Our SPIRIT Values
Service: exceed customer expectations with high quality service
Performance: demonstrate accountability and achieve excellence in all that we do
Innovation: take the initiative to make it better
Respect: honor the dignity and worth of all with compassion
Integrity: uphold the highest standard of ethics and honesty
Teamwork: work together, win together