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Tevis Center for Wellness



The Tevis Center for Wellness is an innovative resource designed to help you
live healthier every day. Visit us at our main campus location and discover
a host of resources designed to help you take control of your health,
prevent illness and achieve your ideal state of total wellness.

Healthy Living Programs & Tools 

Care Connect Health Navigation & Disease Management Support

  • Care Connect Line—Call 410-871-7000 for more information about healthy living classes, health screenings, support groups and primary and specialty care referrals.
  • Care Connect Health Navigation— Call 410-871-7000 and ask to speak with a health navigator to get guided support from a registered nurse or social worker for your complex health issues. Your physician may also refer you to Care Connect's services. Click for a PDF of the form

Workplace Wellness Programs
Studies show that employee wellness programs can lead to greater productivity, less absenteeism and lower long-term health care costs. We offer a wide range of services to get your workplace on the road to wellness. Call 410-871-7000 to learn how we can create a wellness program for your organization.