Welcome to the LifeBridge Health COVID-19 clinical resource page. Here you will find the most up-to-date COVID-19 related Clinical Guidelines for LifeBridge Health. Submit a Guideline for Review
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COVID Screening/Testing Algorithms

COVID Test Collection Process <10-8-21>
COVID Testing Summary Guidelines <10-19-21>
COVID Variant Testing Request Submission Process <11-1-21>

Isolation Guidelines
Criteria for staff patient contact with COVID19 patients <11-1-21>
Inpatient Ending Isolation in Non-Critically Ill COVID Patients <12-30-21>
Transport of Vent Patient with PUI or COVID <3-12-21>
4D COVID Negative Pressure Wing <3-9-21>
Outpatient Ending Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines <3-25-21>
Readmission with History of COVID <10-15-21>
Asymptomatic Screening COVID19 <11-1-21>
Acute Dialysis PUI Isolation and Use of Common HD Areas <11-1-21>
De-escalation of COVID Isolation in Inpatient <11-1-21>

Clinical Care Guidelines
Convalescent Plasma Transfusion Process for Hospitalists-Intensivists <11-1-21>
COVID19 Treatment Guidelines <12-24-21>  
Guidance for Hypoxemia treatment in awake and alert COVID-19 patients <4-9-21>
Transportation of the Patients During the COVID Pandemic <3-9-21>
Provider Team and Family Communication on Rounds <3-9-21>
ICU Consultation for Hypoxemia and COVID-19 <4-9-21>
COVID Awake Repositioning Proning Guidelines <4-9-21>
Code Blue Guidelines <3-9-21>
Code C Guidelines <3-9-21>
Code C Preparation <3-9-21>
Maryland Referral Form for Ambulatory Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment <11-1-21>
Procalcitonin Use in LRTI, COVID and Sepsis <4-5-21>
SHB PIT Triage & Telemedicine <12-27-21>

Internal Clinical Guidelines
Glidescope Product Reprocessing during COVID19 <11-1-21>

COVID Associated Coagulopathy Guidelines
COVID-19 Anticoagulation Guidance <11-3-21>
COVID-19 Anticoagulation Guidance (PDF) <11-3-21>
Anti-Xa Guidance for SHB <11-3-211>
Anti-Xa Guidance for NWH <11-3-211>
Anti-Xa Guidance for CHC <11-3-21>
COVID Prophylaxis Dosing and Post-Discharge AC Management <11-3-21>

Studies, Testing and Consultation During COVID
PM&R COVID Guidelines <10-27-21>
Bedside Radiographic Testing Guidance <3-12-21>

Guidelines and Procedures
Discharge Checklist <11-1-21>
Consent Process During COVID <3-12-21>
Pandemic Best Practice Disclaimer <3-9-21>
Staff Transportation of Intubated Patients <3-12-21>
COVID Aerosolizing Procedures <11-1-21>
Guidance for Extubation <11-1-21>
Frozen Section Guidelines <11-1-21>
Documenting COVID-19 on Death Certificate <3-9-21>
General Consent Changes for COVID <3-9-21>
Pre Sleep Study COVID <10-8-21>
Standard Sleep Study Testing-Post COVID19 <11-1-21>
SHB Pre-procedural COVID Testing <5-1-22>
NWH Reduced Nursing Documentation <1-21-22>
NWH Minimum Standards for Documentation Under Waiver <1-21-22>

Dedicated OR Guidelines <11-1-21>
SHB Operating Room Transportation Guidelines <11-1-21>
OR Airway Protocol  <11-1-21>
Tracheostomies in COVID <11-1-21>
Laparoscopy in COVID <11-1-21>
OR Consent Guidelines during COVID19 <11-1-21>
NWH Preoperative COVID Testing <11-1-21>
SHB Preoperative COVID Testing <11-1-21>
CHC Preoperative COVID Testing <11-1-21>
SHB GIDC Intra-Operative Airway Management <11-1-21>
PEG Placement in COVID Patients <11-1-21>
Pre-Endoscopy Stabilization Guidelines <11-1-21>
Mother Baby Procedure for Admitting Patient Born to PUI Mother <11-1-21>
NICU Procedure for Admitting Patient Born to PUI Mother <11-1-21>
Infant Born to Mother with Confirmed or Suspected COVID <3-9-21>
SHB Guideline and Procedure for Rapid Testing of Obstetric Patients <10-18-21>
COVID FBP Patient Discharge Education <4-9-21>
Clearance for Pediatric Surgical Patient during COVID <3-9-21>
MISC with Order Set <10-25-21>
Elective Anesthesia for Children with Recent Viral URIs <11-1-21>
Guidelines for Surge Preparation in the NICU <11-1-21>

LBMG COVID19 Clinical Operations Guidelines <12-21-21>
Post Acute Guidance


SHB Policy on Emergency Use of Investigational Drugs for Compassionate Reasons [SHB Approved]
To see the latest LBH Expanded Access Policy, click here <11-1-21>

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
PPE Guidelines-What to Wear <11-1-21>
PAPR Allocation and Conservation <11-1-21>
PPE Observation Audit Tool <11-1-21>
3M Airmate PowerPoint <3-9-21>
White N95 PowerPoint <11-1-21> 
PPE Update

  • Clinicians have been assigned just-in-time PPE training in Healthstream. Please search for “COVID-19” to find these educational modules if they do not automatically appear in your dashboard.
  • If you do not have access to Healthstream, email reqallu@lifebridgehealth.org for hard copies. You will need to create a checklist for staff members who read through a physical copy of the module and provide it to Emergency Preparedness
PPE Training Videos*
N95 and Gown Donning and Doffing<11-1-21> 
PAPR Donning and Doffing <11-1-21>
Blue Advantage LS200 Half Face Mask Donning and Doffing <11-1-21> 
Grey 3M N100 Half Face Mask Donning and Doffing <11-1-21>
Optrel ClearMaxx PAPR <3-9-21>

3M Airmate Training Videos*
3M Airmate PAPR Assembly and Testing Video <3-9-21>
3M Airmate 

3M Breathe Easy Training Videos*
3M Breathe Easy Training <3-9-21>
3M Breathe - PAPR Assembly and Testing <3-9-21>
Versaflow Training Videos*
Start-up Sequence <3-9-21>
Battery Charge Animation <3-9-21>
Battery Change Animation <3-9-21>
Air Speed Adjustment <3-9-21>
Belt Attachment <3-9-21>

External Resources/Links
MD Dept. of Health

Critical Care for Non-ICU Clinicians
Approach to Hypoxemia in Covid-19 Patients (April 2020) <4-9-21> 
Facial Hair With Mask <11-1-21>
COVID19 Clinical Reference Guide <3-9-21>
COVID19 Evidence Based Medicine at LBH Patient Handout <12-28-19>