Integrated Rehabilitation for Total Knee Replacements

Knee Replacement Leaders

Advanced Orthopedic Therapy at Sinai Rehab Center is a leader in the integration of care for patients receiving knee replacements from pre- to post-surgery. This includes:

  • Pre-operative phone call for rehabilitation education, post-operative expectations, and to schedule outpatient physical therapy for after the surgery
  • Typically, 1-2 business days from hospital discharge to outpatient PT evaluation
  • Highly experienced physical therapists who work closely with your surgeon
  • One-on-one hour-long physical therapy sessions for patients for at least the first month after surgery, and longer if needed
  • Access to cutting-edge technology including AlterG®, Astym®, CKD's, DorsaVi, CyMedica home NMES units, and more

To schedule an appointment with Advanced Orthopedic Therapy at Sinai Rehab Center, call 410-601-5945.