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BirthPlace at Sinai - Classes/Tours

Giving birth to a healthy baby starts with establishing healthy habits during pregnancy. That includes eating right, exercising, getting plenty of rest, visiting your doctor or midwife regularly, and taking advantage of the BirthPlace at Sinai's Family Education Program. We offer classes that can help prepare expectant parents and their families for the birthing experience and caring for the new baby, as well as tours.


A schedule of classes is available on the LifeBridge Health online community calendar. Early registration is encouraged as classes fill up quickly. To register or to inquire about prices, call 410-601-WELL (9355).

Understanding Birth – Prepared Childbirth Class [+/-]

This six-hour, evidence-based class is designed to help you and your support person prepare for childbirth. Through a family-centered approach, the class encourages informed decision making so that the newest addition to your family can have the most positive start. In addition, it helps expectant moms learn how to care for themselves after giving birth. Topics include:

  • Pregnancy and the labor process
  • Choices in childbirth, including pain management and comfort measures
  • Relaxation and coping skills
  • Breathing exercises and labor rehearsal
  • Caesarean birth

Participants can either sign up for two-hour evening sessions offered over two weekdays or a one-day session offered on Sundays (9 a.m. – 4 p.m. with a lunch break). Also included with the course is a tour the BirthPlace at Sinai. We ask that participants bring two pillows to each session.

Understanding Birth Basics – Express Class [+/-]

This single, three-hour class shares the same evidence-based information as our Understanding Birth class, but is specifically designed for families who want childbirth education preparation but are unable to attend the longer courses. It is a good refresher course for experienced parents. This class covers:

  • Pregnancy and the labor process
  • Breathing exercises and labor rehearsal
  • Caesarean birth
  • A tour of the BirthPlace at Sinai

Baby Basics 101 [+/-]

This evening class covers the basics of newborn care. The class focuses on the "fourth trimester," the first few weeks of baby's life. The class will discuss the early newborn days in the hospital and the first weeks at home, including:

  • BirthPlace security procedures
  • Rooming in and skin-to-skin contact
  • Appearance and senses
  • Crying and communication
  • Soothing and sleeping
  • Feeding (both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding)
  • Diapering and bathing
  • When to contact your pediatrician

Understanding Breastfeeding [+/-]

This two-hour evening class is for expectant mothers who are considering breastfeeding. Soon-to-be moms and their partners are both encouraged to attend this class, which is taught by a board-certified lactation consultant. Topics include:

  • How breastfeeding works
  • Latch and positioning
  • When to feed your baby
  • Getting enough milk
  • Breast care
  • Breastfeeding lifestyle expectations, including breast pumping

Infant CPR and Safety [+/-]

This class provides information about basic infant and child CPR skills, including what to do if an infant or child is choking and childhood injury prevention. Each person will practice CPR techniques on infant mannequins and participate in a discussion about safety. Partners are encouraged to attend.

Grandparent Basics – NEW for 2015! [+/-]

This single, two-hour class covers the infant care and infant CPR basics that grandparents need to know. Something of a newborn care refresher course, the class covers modern care techniques including:

  • Visiting your grandchild and his or her parents in the hospital
  • Appearance, senses, crying and communication
  • Soothing and sleeping
  • Feeding
  • Newborn care tips, including diapering and bathing
  • Infant CPR, including how to handle choking
  • Car seat and travel safety


Parents may register to tour the BirthPlace at Sinai by calling 410-601-WELL (9355). Tours also are included in the Prepared Childbirth series and Birth Basics 101 class. Parents may also view our BirthPlace photo gallery.


"Mommy and Me: New Beginnings" Breastfeeding Support Group

Breastfeeding is a skill that each mom and baby learn together in the first few days after birth. Getting started takes practice and patience while you and your infant become comfortable with one another. Support from others is also critical. That's why the lactation team at Sinai Hospital offers "Mommy and Me: New Beginnings," a breastfeeding support group. Learn from other moms who are experiencing the same things you are and share your own success stories.

Our breastfeeding support group meets every Monday (even holidays) from 10 a.m. to noon in the Lactation Resource Center in the Blaustein Building at Sinai. Drop-ins and babies are both welcome!

For more information or to sign up, call the Lactation Resource Center at 410-601-5193 or the nursery at 410-601-5195.

Perinatal Depression Outreach Program

The Perinatal Depression Outreach Program (PDOP) helps women understand the emotions that are typical during pregnancy and the postpartum period. We offer depression screenings, clinical assessments, treatment referrals, education on the complications of perinatal depression and anxiety, follow-up by phone calls, and group support.

Our Postpartum Support Group meets every Wednesday from 1:30 to 3 p.m. in the Lactation Resource Center. Drop-ins and babies are welcome! Please join us to talk about the challenges and joys of welcoming a new baby in this free weekly support group session.

For more information, contact Sara Daly, LCSW-C, at 410-601-7832 or

Perinatal Addictions Specialist Program

The mission of the Perinatal Addictions Specialist Program is to help substance women who either are pregnant or have recently given birth. The program addresses illicit drug use/abuse and how to maintain and enhance the mother's health as well as that of her children. Program services include providing addiction assessments for appropriate treatment referrals, follow-up services by means of in-home education, advocacy and services coordination. We also provide a psychoeducational services specifically for women who abuse marijuana.

For more information, contact Stephanie Cockrell at 410-601-5047 or