STAT Program for Mid-Career Gynecologists

STAT Program: Surgical Training in Advanced GYN-MIS Technologies

Minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques have revolutionized the way patients are treated and how they recover. Patients are learning about these improvements in medical technology and demanding modern treatment options.

Will you be ready when your patients ask for MIS?

The STAT Program is a new fellowship program that can help you acquire the skills to perform the surgical techniques needed to stay current in gynecologic surgery. Under the guidance of David L. Zisow, M.D., and W. Peter Geis, M.D., MIS experts at Northwest Hospital, the specific procedures you choose to learn depend upon your individual needs.

The program operates without causing loss of time or income from your busy practice. Your patients will continue to be your patients as you update your skill sets and earn CME credit. This fellowship provides the opportunity to modernize your surgical skills in a low-risk, high-reward environment. Best of all, this program is entirely free.

All participants in the STAT Program will learn basic laparoscopic skills, including room set-up, proper patient positioning, port placement (open vs. closed, how many, location), cutting vs. coagulating (unipolar, bipolar vs. harmonic energy) and laparoscopic suturing (intra- and extra-corporeal knot tying). Based on your individual needs, you will select training in one or more of the following areas:

STAT Program for Mid-Career Gynecologists 1. Advanced complex laparoscopy

  • Hysterectomy (TLH, LSH)
  • Adnexal procedures (S&O, ureteral dissection and exposure)
  • Treatment of endometriosis (management of the "frozen pelvis")
  • Myomectomy and the use of mechanical morcellators
  • Paravaginal repair
  • Sacrocolpopexy

2. Pelvic floor reconstruction and management of USI and prolapse

  • Mini-ARC
  • Perigee mesh
  • Elevate mesh
  • Pelosi method for vaginal hysterectomy

3. Hysteroscopic management of polyps and fibroids

Individualized instruction is the key to the STAT Program. You will work exclusively with our experts two to four times per month. Preoperative planning and postoperative debriefing will be essential aspects of the learning experience. For each skill set you choose, you will need to perform an estimated 10 to 20 related cases in the STAT Program. While it will depend in large part upon your case volume, most fellows will achieve proficiency in about two to six months. Each participant will be evaluated individually and awarded a certificate upon completion.

To register, contact the Medical Staff Office at Northwest Hospital, 410-521-2200, and request an application for the STAT Program. You will receive a form requesting a temporary Northwest Hospital staff appointment in the STAT Program category. Once the credentialing process is complete, the program directors will meet to delineate your specific educational goals and schedule cases.