Rehabilitation FAQ's

Will my insurance cover my rehabilitation?

Sinai Rehabilitation Center (SRC) will assist you in determining your rehabilitation benefits so that you are fully informed of your coverage.

What insurance is accepted at SRC?

SRC participates with Medicare, Blue Cross, Worker’s Compensation, many commercial insurance companies and Medical Assistance. We will assist you as you consider our services.

What can I expect while in rehabilitation?

You can expect professional quality services designed to address your specific needs. SRC has Occupational, Physical and Speech therapies, Psychologists, Rehabilitation Nurses and Case Managers. Physical Medical and Rehabilitation Physicians (PM&R) assist in directing your care.

As an inpatient in The Rehabilitation Hospital you will experience a minimum of three hours of therapy per day. Outpatient therapies are scheduled according to availability of time for both you and the therapist. The RETURN! Day Program requires a full day commitment on your part for three to five days per week, depending on your needs.