Sinai Rehab - Team Members

Physiatrist– Your Rehabilitation Doctor

The physiatrist is a doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This physician oversees all aspects of one’s medical care, collaborates with resident physicians, and supervises the rehabilitation team.  A doctor or resident is available 24 hours a day.  

Nurse (RN)

The registered nurse (RN) works with the doctor to manage medical problems. Nurses are responsible for helping to manage your pain, medication, and skin care.  They also assist with personal hygiene, mobility, intake of food, and bowel and bladder management. 

Patient Care Associate (PCA)

The patient care associate is a certified nursing assistant who supports the nurse by tending to your personal care needs.

Administrative Assistant (AA)

The administrative assistant operates the nursing station and answers the call bell.

Occupational Therapist (OT)

An occupational therapist helps one improve physical, cognitive, and visual perceptual skills that may affect the ability to perform functional tasks. The OT focuses on restoring a person’s ability to participate in activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, toileting, grooming, meal preparation, and other tasks important to a successful return home.

Physical Therapist (PT)

A physical therapist helps to improve a person’s mobility, strength, and balance.  A PT is focused on restoring one’s ability to get out of bed, perform transfers, walk, use the stairs, and perform other mobility tasks that are needed in the home setting.

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

A speech language pathologist helps to improve a patient’s verbal expression, the understanding of words, reading, written language and cognitive-linguistic (thinking) skills, including attention, memory, problem solving, reasoning, and organization. The SLP also works to improve swallowing skills and makes recommendations for the safest diet.

Rehabilitation Assistant (RA)

The rehabilitation assistant is a trained staff member who maintains the gym environment and assists the therapists in implementing therapy programs.

Social Worker (SW)

The social worker provides support throughout a person’s stay in the rehab hospital and helps both patients and families understand the discharge planning process. The social worker helps to coordinate discharge plans and assists with financial concerns, returning to school, and employment needs.


The psychologist provides support and counseling during a patient’s rehabilitation stay.  The psychologist helps by teaching coping skills, addressing adjustment concerns, and meeting other needs which can maximize rehabilitation.

Patients and Families!

Consistent participation of patients and families is essential to a successful recovery from illness and injury. The rehab team encourages and relies on patients and their significant others to active engage with them, bringing the courage, dedication, and hard work needed for success.