RETURN! Day Treatment Supports

The RETURN! Brain Injury Community Re-entry Program

The RETURN! Brain Injury Community Re-entry Program takes a holistic approach to brain injury rehabilitation. Beyond the typical outpatient services provided to survivors of brain injury, RETURN! offers emotional, psychosocial and pre-vocational supports. Families and significant others are regarded as team members and participate in both goal-setting and discharge planning.

Family Meetings

A family team meeting is typically held after the client has been in the program for 3–5 weeks. This meeting offers the client, family and therapy team an opportunity to review the client's progress in the program, address any potential questions or concerns from the client and family, and discuss treatment goals and potential discharge plans.


Vocational Case Coordinator

Our vocational case coordinator (VCC) meets with each client to evaluate the client's vocational interests, discuss return-to-work concerns and connect clients with appropriate vocational resources in the community. The VCC is directly involved in reentry planning if a client’s return to work is imminent. If more extensive assistance is needed, a referral to the RETURN to Work! Program may be warranted.


Case Management

Case management is provided for all RETURN! clients to help them to navigate healthcare systems and to link with community resources. Our social worker is the liaison between the insurance company, client/family, and treatment team to obtain authorization and continued coverage for the program. The case manager ensures the best in care both during and after participation in RETURN!


Support Group

The RETURN! brain injury support group is open to brain injury survivors, family, friends and caregivers. It meets virtually, the third Tuesday of the month. This group is affiliated with the Brain Injury Association of Maryland. If you would like more information about the support group or if you would like to add your name added to the mailing list, please contact Evan Jang at 410-601-6080.