RETURN Annual 2021

RETURN! Community Re-entry Program is a day treatment program that serves adults (18+) who have sustained an acquired brain injury and require intensive neurorehabilitation. Clients in the program attend sessions from 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays for up to 12 weeks. The goal of the program is to help individuals to regain independence in daily functioning and to return to work, school or primary responsibilities at home (e.g., cooking, household management, finances). RETURN! offers a structured and consistent weekly schedule of group and individual therapies that have been developed to improve mobility, cognition, self-care, and home/community living skills. Communication between the family, client, and staff is essential to client success in RETURN!. A family meeting is typically scheduled 4-6 weeks after admission. This facilitates input from the family and client in decision making, goal-setting, and discharge planning and allows communication from the team regarding progress and challenges observed for the client.

Relevant statistics for the RETURN! Program in CY2021

  • Number of admissions: 12
  • Number of discharges: 15
  • Average number of treatment days: 26
  • Average number of therapy visits: 57
  • Average age of client in program: 45.7
  • Males: 13 Females: 2
  • Program satisfaction rate: 93%
  • Percentage of clients with successful vocational outcomes: 73%
  • Percentage of clients making significant Mayo-Portland gains: 87%

Clients in the program attended from 3-5 days per week, 5-hours per day. Of the 79% of RETURN! graduates having successful vocational outcomes, 29% entered vocational rehabilitation, 21% returned to work, 21% retired or returned to homemaking responsibilities, 8% entered volunteer positions, and 21% were not able to resume their primary responsibilities in the home or at work.

The current Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory (MPAI) goal reflects an expectation that more significant recovery, represented by an increase in MPAI scores, is a function of a longer length of stay (LOS). The targets below reflect this expectation of greater gains from admission to discharge in association with longer lengths of stay.

10-19 day LOS = MPAI > 2 pts
20-39 day LOS = MPAI > 4 pts
40+ day LOS = MPAI > 6 pts

The program sets a goal of 75% of clients achieving the targets listed above. In 2019, 83% of clients in RETURN! achieved the goal for MPAI gains. Two of the 4 clients who did not achieve the targeted goal had severe, pervasive amnestic disorders that did not resolve during their stay, creating significant learning difficulties. All 4 clients who did not reach their goals were in the group with the longest LOS (40+ days).

We welcome additional inquiries regarding our processes and outcomes and would be happy provide any additional information that could assist in better understanding the RETURN! Program.