Rehabilitation Therapies at the Berman Brain & Spine Institute

Sinai Rehabilitation Brain and Spine Institute Acute CareLifeBridge Health’s Berman Brain & Spine Institute BSI at Sinai Hospital is a 36-bed unit, staffed with nurses and therapists, specifically trained to provide care to patients who have undergone neurosurgery, resulting in neurological deficits. Brain and spine surgeries are regularly performed by BSI neurosurgeons. Post-surgical hospital stays vary according to the complexity of the procedure performed and patient recovery.

Occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech language pathologists evaluate and treat patients after surgery, when consulted. Their role in the hospital is to assess for possible functional deficits, provide treatment, and make appropriate discharge planning recommendations.

Physical therapy (PT): assesses a patient’s ability to walk, be mobile, and to navigate stairs. Treating therapists may recommend assistive devices and further PT services, as needed.

Occupational therapy (OT): assesses a patient's abilities to perform activities of daily living and determines if further OT services are needed. Therapists also educate patients and families in the safe use of adaptive equipment for bathing, dressing and toileting.

Speech-language pathology (SLP): evaluates swallowing difficulties and recommends the safest means by which a patient can eat and drink. SLPs may also assess for memory and thinking problems and provide strategies to ensure patient safety when considering discharge plans.

Therapists in the acute care setting are responsible for making appropriate recommendations and establishing a rehabilitation plan of care for all patients in their care. Discharge placement recommendations may include acute inpatient rehabilitation, a sub-acute nursing facility, home health therapy, outpatient rehab, or home with no services.

Important note: Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation provides 3 hours of therapy daily to increase patient's functional independence and safety prior to advancing to the next level of care. In contrast, Subacute Nursing Facility Rehabilitation provides 2 hours of therapy daily to increase patient's functional independence and safety.

If required by a specific back or neck surgery, the occupational and physical therapists will educate and instruct patients on spinal precautions, such as BLT's (No Bending, No Lifting, and No Twisting) and utilizing a back or neck brace recommended by the surgeon.

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