Advanced Medical Treatment

Our Nurse coordinator will stay in touch with you to ensure your care is proceeding as planned and to follow up on any intermittent medical, psychological or functional changes in your condition. Our program utilizes advanced technologies for assessment and treatment of complex conditions and includes:

  • The Division of Rehabilitation Research and Engineering which utilizes a state-of-the-art gait lab to assess certain abnormalities of walking. We custom design and 3D print assistive and adaptive equipment that is not commercially available
  • Botox injection for excessive sweating
  • Fall prevention
  • Interventional pain blocks and neurostimulation procedures for severe phantom pain
  • Neuroma injection
  • Nerve conduction and muscle testing (NCS/EMG)
  • Outcomes measurements and ongoing research in limb loss care

Our goals are to prevent further amputation, restore quality of life and make the process of obtaining the most appropriate prosthetic devices efficient and timely. Our documentation is structured to meet the requirements of Medicare and other insurers. If you are already working with a prosthetic company, we are available to coordinate with them for your needs.

To schedule an appointment, please call: 410-601-6585.