What People Are Saying

"We all come to Sinai Hospital and the Hackerman-Patz House for a variety of reasons. Most of them are in some way tragic. Often it is because our children are ill and seeking treatment. There is nothing worse than watching a child endure an illness. In such times, distractions become precious currency. At the Hackerman-Patz House, the staff is brilliant at providing us with welcome distractions. To call this just a 'house' only lessens it, for it is much, much more then a house. It is by turns a fortress, an oasis and an escape. Mostly, it is a home. It is a living, breathing thing. It is a family. It is our family." — Michael, Mich.

"We always enjoy our stay at the Hackerman-Patz House. When I now tell my child we are going to Baltimore he gets excited instead of anxious. He can't wait to get to the house and see the staff he has grown to love so much. The Hackerman-Patz House has made a trying experience so pleasant in a way that is unexplainable. How can we say 'thank you' to all of the kindness and support we are given, that make our experience at the HPH so meaningful? We will be forever grateful." — James, N.C.

"First, may we say that the fact a facility like this even exists is truly amazing to us. The convenient location and the inviting, warm atmosphere is so comforting. Our need to be at Sinai Hospital was very stressful. We cannot fully express our appreciation for the overall sense of comfort and security that the Hackerman-Patz House gave us. We will continue to be supporters of this facility and Sinai Hospital." — Jennifer, Mass.

"This house, with its warm demeanor and grace, is such a gift to families as they juggle other concerns. Your smiles and support and this lovely house helped us cope with this difficult operation being 2,000 miles from home. Your kindness was overwhelming. Thank you for making us feel at home and for making our children smile. It has been a huge blessing to be so close to our daughter while she was in the hospital. We are so grateful we had this wonderful house to come to." - Brian, Utah

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to stay at the Hackerman-Patz House. We appreciate all that you do to make this place a home away from home. This house is so special and the support we receive here is priceless. Staying here eased the stress on my entire family. This house is a blessing and to have caring people every day to come home to makes this our home away from home." — Gezina, The Netherlands

"During the past few months, my wife and I had the need to make use of the Hackerman-Patz House and we would like to express how positive our experience was. First, the fact that a facility like this even exists is truly amazing. An attractive facility, well maintained, perfectly located, with an overall inviting atmosphere. Second, the management of this facility is excellent and, more importantly, accomplished with a warm sense of friendliness and caring. Our need to be at Sinai was very stressful, but we cannot fully express our appreciation for the overall sense of comfort that the Hackerman-Patz gave us." — Ralph, Md.

"We loved it the minute we drove up. I didn't know what to expect. It was beyond our wildest dreams. Everything was just like home. I was amazed with how well we were cared for, especially since we had no idea what we would be facing until we saw the doctor. It was wonderful being so close to the hospital. The environment is very impressive. It was the best possible place to stay at the worst time in our lives. Accommodations were a concern before committing to Sinai. The availability of the Hackerman-Patz House made it easy for us to concentrate on what was important. We didn't feel like we were in a hotel or hospital. It was comforting to be with families undergoing the same thing. You should feel very good about the hard work that has gone into creating this safe haven for families. Thank you for the wonderful friendships. This house is a blessing. It answered our prayers. You will be forever in our hearts." — Sylvia, Norway

"Thank you for the hospitality, comfort and convenience of the Hackerman-Patz House during this very difficult time. To be able to stay in a facility so close to the hospital was truly a blessing. I cannot begin to express how appreciative we are for the blessing of the HPH. Having such an inviting house so close to the hospital was such a relief. As a retired RN, I know firsthand the stress and hardships families face with a long hospital stay. It is especially difficult when the patient and family are so far from home. The HPH provides the lacking support of our own family with your staff in a warm and comfortable environment. This facility and staff makes it so much easier for families to move through the difficulties of a hospitalization and a recuperation. I cannot say enough about the personal attention that our family received throughout the entire event. You all went above and beyond and made our experience one we will not soon forget. Thank you for building a facility that kept me close to my husband when he needed me the most." — Ruth, N.Y.

"Our home away from home for many years. Amazing place with amazing people. The staff is loving and supportive. This place is heaven sent. The Hackerman-Patz House has been a blessing in our lives. I don't know how we would have made it through this long, painful experience without it. Thank you from our entire family. I wish we could meet the Hackermans one day to thank them for this house and tell them how much we appreciate their vision and generosity. God bless all of you and God bless the Hackerman-Patz House." — Annie, Brazil

"The Hackerman-Patz House saved me. I came on short notice for an emergency situation and I had a wonderful clean room waiting for me in this well-kept facility. Also being on the grounds of the hospital was so helpful. Great nurturing spirit and kindness. When my life was difficult, the HPH was here for me. Thank you so much. Blessings." — Linda, S.C.

"Thank you for being our home away from home. We really appreciated being able to stay at the Hackerman-Patz House. Thanks to each and every one of you for your role in making this such a special place. We appreciated the warm welcome we were given on arrival and during our entire stay. We will remember you in our prayers with much love and affection." — Pat, A.Z.

"Thanks to all employees at the Hackerman-Patz House for the service of housing that is provided to families so close to the hospital. This helps to relieve stress when a loved one has an emergency medical problem and the family is so far away. You were our family and our guardian angels. God bless all of you and God bless the Hackerman-Patz House." — James, Calif.

"Without this facility, I don't know how people could bring their loved ones here to Sinai Hospital. The Hackerman-Patz House is like an oasis in a desert. It is a geographical location that is unknown, yet it serves so many. God bless." — Bernie, Fla.

"Our stay in Baltimore was made so easy because of the Hackerman-Patz House. Thank you for making all of us feel welcomed and comfortable during a very apprehensive time in my life. With affection and gratitude." — Frank, Nev.

"The Hackerman-Patz House is a blessing. People could not do it without you, with the help of the community volunteers and your fundraising efforts. You provide the services needed for the children and their families. Thank you." — Helen, Colo.

"Thank you for allowing us to stay at the Hackerman-Patz House during this very emotional time for my family. This took some worries off of us trying to find a place to rest and recover. You provided this for us. We loved the staff, and we met nice families who we could relate to. We had lots of fun and smiles. We will miss you." — Craig, Del.

"This is a five-star facility. Everyone here goes beyond the call of duty. Thanks for having us. We are so grateful." — James, Ind.

"We loved the décor. We loved our room. We loved the price. We loved the location. We loved everything. Thank you for building this house. We will be back." — Leslie, Canada

"It was wonderful being so close to the hospital. To be able to go back and forth and not have to deal with a car and a parking lot was such a bonus. Convenient and beautiful. Save us a room for next time. Thank you." — Gail, N.Y.

"Blessings to everyone who works at the Hackerman-Patz House. Your hospitality, kindness and generosity will never be forgotten." — Sam, Conn.

"We have been to Baltimore many times, but since we found the Hackerman-Patz House our time here has been just wonderful and so much easier on my family. Thank you for building this amazing facility." — Sheila, Texas

"This facility is a huge resource for this hospital and the families they serve." — Frank, Canada

"The Hackerman-Patz House is a blessing to families. I had no idea a place like this existed." — Susan, Ark.

"I was at a loss for a place to stay after finding out I needed more treatment. The Hackerman-Patz House saved my life." — Mary, Idaho

"Accommodations were a huge concern for me and and my children. We committed to Sinai and the Rubin Institute after we found out about the availability of the Hackerman-Patz House. We could then concentrate on what was important." — Tom, N.Y.

"It was comforting to be with other families undergoing the same thing. I am finally around other parents who understand." — Penny, Fla.

"The Hackerman-Patz House was a Godsend during the worst time of my life. I was so glad to be staying on the Sinai campus and close to my doctor." — Donna, Hawaii

"I could not have come to Baltimore if the Hackerman-Patz House was not here. It solved all of the problems that I was so worried about. I knew my wife was taken care of, safe and not alone when I had to go back to work in California." — Shannon, Calif.

"This year at Thanksgiving, we are extra grateful for being able to stay at the Hackerman-Patz House. A true blessing." — Aaron, Wash.

"At such a difficult time, the Hackerman-Patz House was here for me. It turned out to be a wonderful experience." — Shlomo, Israel

"This house answered my prayers. Please keep doing what you are doing. My entire family really enjoyed staying here. We loved everything." — Ali, Saudi Arabia

"We appreciate that this house is so close to the hospital and everyone was so helpful and kind." — Renee, South Africa

"I did not feel so far away from home. I felt safe. Thank you." — Susan, Spain

"I am so grateful we got to stay at the Hackerman-Patz House. I told everyone that this is like the Ritz-Carlton." — Joe, K.Y.

"Thank you for your kindness and the ability to connect with others during a time of major stress and anxiety. We will be back and will look forward to seeing you all again soon. Take care." — Danny, N.Y.

"No one at the Hackerman-Patz House was ever too busy to lend a hand or talk to us about our concerns. You all made us feel so much better. Your team is exceptional. Thank you for everything." — Donny, N.M.

"So comforting to be so close to my wife during her recent surgery. I don't know what I would have done without all of you. The Hackerman-Patz House is such a gift." — Irv, Nev.

"I have made lifelong friends here. I feel like I was not alone in this long journey. Your support helped me make it through some very dark days and nights. Thanks for everything." — Tracy, Kan.

"Thank you for making weary travelers so comfortable at this lovely house." — Chantal, France

"Thank you for making this journey so much easier then expected. The Hackerman-Patz House made all the difference." — Jan, Colo.

"Thank you for providing the Hackerman-Patz facility. You opened your doors and your hearts to my family and made our time in Baltimore very nice. The house was beautiful and the staff was kind, courteous and professional." — Luis, Mexico

"This was such a draining experience for all of us. We were so nervous and so far away from home. The comfort of the Hackerman-Patz House saved us. We had a beautiful place to stay and beautiful people who helped us in every way. I am not sure we would have survived this six-month ordeal without this support. We feel so blessed. You will forever be in our prayers." — Jen, China

"The way we were treated during our stay here was unbelievable. The right people work here. Thank you so much for everything." — Tony, Texas

"The Hackerman-Patz House has proven to be our true home away from home. My family loves staying here." — Linda, Miss.

"The house environment is perfect. Very impressive. Staff is amazing. Could not have asked for more. So caring and accommodating." — Steve, Wis.

"The house is greatly taken care of. Our overall experience was excellent. We give you FIVE STARS!" — Shana, Ark.

"This facility is a true blessing. There are no words to express how lucky we feel to have been able to get a room here. All of you were great. Thank you on behalf of my entire family." — Ted, Fla.