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Trauma Links and Resources

When can I see my loved one?

We understand this is a stressful time for both the patient and their loved ones. Our first priority is to stabilize the patient’s injury. It may take several hours to complete all the necessary tests and emergent procedures. We will make every effort to talk with the family as soon as possible and keep them informed going forward.

What are the visiting hours?

Visiting hours differ by unit. Please check with your nurse for the appropriate designated times.

How does the trauma team communicate with the family during the hospital stay?

We ask that you choose a spokesperson for the patient. Having a designated spokesperson helps us maintain good communication with the appropriate person. This person must be able to provide as much information about the patient’s medical history as possible.

A member of the trauma team — either the attending surgeon, resident, nurse practitioner or physician assistant — will inform you of the patient’s status and immediate plan of care. A patient advocate will serve as your contact with the trauma team until the trauma team is available to speak with you.

We encourage and expect questions and we recommend that you write down answers and information provided — this allows the spokesperson to stay informed and keep track of information during a complicated, stressful time. It also makes it easier to communicate the information back to other family and friends.

Directions and parking?

The Trauma Center is located in the ER-7 of Sinai Hospital, 2401 W. Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215. Visitors are encouraged to park in the Cylburn Garage next to the ER-7. Download our Trauma Center Parking Map (PDF) to see where that is.

  • From the East: Take Northern Parkway West, make a left on Greenspring Avenue. Make the first right into the ER-7 entrance.
  • From the West: Take Northern Parkway East, make a right on Greenspring Avenue. Make the first right into the ER-7 entrance.
For more information, see the campus map and parking guide for Sinai Hospital.

Who is responsible for treatment during the hospital stay?

A team of doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and health professionals are all part of the team caring for the trauma patient. The team is led by an attending trauma surgeon, who may consult with specialists as necessary to best care for the patient.

How can I contact the trauma team?

The trauma team will check in on the patient multiple times a day to evaluate the patient as well as communicate their plan of care. If you need to speak with the team at any time, please ask your nurse to contact us. To contact the trauma office for any questions or issues, please call Lauren Smith at 410-601-0673.

How long do trauma patients stay in the hospital?

Each patient and situation is different depending on the severity and type of injury as well as previous health and age of the patient. A patient may only stay a few hours or as long as a few weeks. Discharging a patient also depends on their needs and the support systems available. The trauma team will work along with our social workers to develop a plan that considers the needs of the patient and their family.

What support services are available for family members?

Sinai Hospital offers chaplaincy services, support groups and care management services, among many other programs. Learn more with our Visitor Guide.

Family members may direct any questions or concerns to the Sinai Hospital Patient and Family Services department at 410-601-8778. If you seek social work services, please call 410-601-5578.

Where should I direct my billing questions?

Please direct billing questions and considerations to Customer Service, at 410-601-1094 or 800-788-6995.

Do you have an online patient portal?

Yes! The My LifeBridge Health online patient portal is the most convenient and secure way to stay in touch with your loved one’s care team. From the portal, you can access up-to-date medical records and test results, renew prescriptions and request appointments, all remotely, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sign up today!

What are some online trauma resources for patients and families?

We recommend the following online resources for trauma patients and families. Please note that these resources are informational only. LifeBridge Health is not responsible for the content on these sites.