What to Expect

Lifesaving Care at Sinai Hospital

Trauma care starts with our Emergency Department: Here our trauma team will evaluate the patient.

The extent of the initial treatment will depend on the severity of the injury but is likely to include:

  • a full physical assessment
  • continuous monitoring
  • intravenous access and fluid resuscitation
  • pain management
  • ultrasound, X-Rays and/or CAT scans
  • any necessary procedures to stabilize the patient

Patients with critical injuries may need to go to the operating room or the intensive care unit. Patients with moderate injuries will be cared for in our intermediate care unit. Patients with stable injuries may be admitted to our ortho-neuro-trauma floor, observed in the Emergency Department or possibly even discharged home.

As you and your loved one progress through the hospital stay, our team will communicate the plan of care along the way. As the patient’s condition improves, our team will focus on rehabilitation to attain the best possible outcome. Follow-up care may be offered at the Trauma Center or various specialty clinics.